Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashback Fridays–the 80’s


My brother sent me a link the other day to one of those, if you remember these, you were an 80’s kid, I didn’t think of it much, as a matter of fact, I didn’t click the link for a few hours when I remembered that he sent it.  So I went back to my phone and clicked it.  It was from the World Observer Online site and it was called “50 Things Only 80’s Kids Can Understand”.  It was pretty awesome because it had all kinds of things that you don’t usually see on those 80’s lists.  I won’t go through all 50 here (NES, the Cosby show, the Breakfast Club), you can click on the link to the original article if you want that, but I grabbed a bunch of stuff that I hadn’t seen or heard of in a long time.


The Muppet Babies – I used to watch this every Saturday morning (yes, I was a kid in the 80’s).


He-man – I also watched this every Saturday.  You know, because Saturdays were the only day you got to see a bunch of cartoons.


NASA’s Challenger explosion – I was in Junior High home economics class and they brought in a TV to watch the launch.  I remember how shocked I was when it happened.  It was kind of a disbelief, did I really just see that?


Garbage Pail Kids – I don’t remember ever really being into these but my brother was.  I do remember laughing at all of them though.

80s05   80s07

Hands Across America & We Are The World - I thought these were the coolest things and they got talked about forever.  I loved the We Are the World song, anybody who was anybody sang on it.


Neon Biker Shorts – While the neon has come back, the biker shorts haven’t.  I walked into a Justice store to get some clothes for my daughter awhile back and it was like the 80’s threw up in there with all the freaking neon.


The Oregon Trail – I used to play this all the time.  Although I don’t remember if it was at school or at home.  This is the Sims before the Sims.  I’m curious how many people remember this.  I also remember Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?


New York Seltzer – I loved this stuff, I drank the peach flavored whenever I can.  It was basically flavored carbonated water.


ET Vinyl Doll – I totally had one of these, I think everybody did.  I loved the ET movie when it came out, I got addicted to Reese’s pieces after that too.


Scratch ‘n Sniff stickers – I was a big time sticker collector and loved the scratch ‘n sniff stickers.  Although some of these above, I’m wondering what they are supposed to smell like.


Trapper Keeper – These were so cool back in the day.  I used these for years, everyone had them and it was a challenge to get the coolest one in your class.


  1. There is a void in my life because I never played Oregon Trail. I wonder if its still around?

    1. If it is, you probably travel across the country while everyone is trying to kill you and you have to kill them first. Probably very bloody and gory. Nothing like the original.