Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book Review–Into the Woods by Kim Harrison

Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond

Book Review

Into the Woods by Kim Harrison

5 Stars

Saying I loved this book doesn’t really say much because a lot of the stories (7) are Hollows related which is one of my all-time favorite series so if your not familiar with Kim Harrisons the Hollows series, I’m not sure how much you’ll like this book.  I would assume you would still like it, just probably not as much as I did.

When I say stories from the Hollows, they are kind of side stories.  They happen around the books.  Stories such as how Ivy started out, the mission that Trent and Jenks went on that was mentioned in Pale Demon, how Ceri became Al’s familiar, and a young Rachel raises Pierce the first time.  Then there are a few others with Hollows characters, a job Jenks and Bis take, Rachel helps Kisten protect some of his family, the story of Mia the Banshee, and some backstory on Jenks and his wife.  Like I said before, if you’re familiar with her works you’ll love these short stories.

On top of those 7 stories, you also get 4 more stories unrelated to her previous works.  One with vampires, a couple with dryads and the best of the 4, one that takes place in this world where some people have a kinetic energy where you either control it or they take it from you.  It’s a good story about a couple of people with the energy are tracking a kid who has been found to have it.  They must either determine if he can use the power for good, or if they need to capture him and take it away.

I gave this 5 stars but like I said above, if your not familiar with the Hollows series, you probably won’t enjoy it nearly as much.

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