Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quarterly Stats–volume 3, issue 1

I totally spaced on my quarterly stats posts.  It should have been in April but I was in the midst of the A to Z Challenge so I had planned on doing it at the beginning of May.  Now here we are on the 28th and I still haven’t done it.  Oops.

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My last post on January 3rd showed 15,599 pageviews, 271 posts and 20 followers.  So everything is definitely moving up, a lot of that was before the A to Z Challenge.  I should have screen capped the above pic on April 1st instead of today because the numbers aren’t right for the time frame referenced in this post.  Oh well, pageviews will be wrong but I can figure the posts (270) and followers (20).  I had 56 more posts in the last 3 months for a 19 post a month average.  Let’s break down the last 3 months of 2012.

Random Thoughts stats - Google Drive

January tied October of last year for the most posts in a month with 24.    Only one Randomness post which says I took the time to sit down in front of my computer to write.  Randomness posts either mean I had a lot of small stuff to say (not enough for a post of its own) or I hadn’t gotten around to posting in a few days.  Considering I posted the 5 days before it, I probably just had a few things to say.  Out of the 24 posts, 4 of them were WWW Wednesdays and 4 of them were Weekly Catch-ups.  I guess if I want to keep my posts up, I need to designate something for every day.

January 2013 – 24 posts – 16,437 words

  • average of 685 words per post.

It ended up being my most words in a month, first time over 16,000 words.  Only 7 of the 24 had less than 500 words and 3 of those were WWW Wednesdays where I don’t generally say much other than what I’m reading.  Then one week I didn’t do a WWW Wednesdays post, I posted about my new book page, so it was more of an announcement and that had less than 200 words.  I did have 3 posts over 1,000 words helped those out though.

Random Thoughts stats

February wasn’t nearly as productive as last month.  Only 1 weekly meme contributed to that.  Only 11 posts total for the month.  Part of that also was I spent a weekend away from home and I think I only posted once while I was gone.

February – 11 posts – 6,285 words

  • average of 571 words per post.

It’s not a horrible words per post average so at least I wasn’t just throwing stuff up there just to get a post out.  3 posts over 900 words but none over 1,000.  One thing that did happen this month was I crossed 160,000 words and 300 posts on this blog.  Plus celebrated 2 years since it was started.

Random Thoughts stats(1)

March came in and only 1 post the first week of the month, then I got better.  3 WWW Wednesdays and 2 My Kind of Humor posts, which will probably make it a low word count month as well.  I posted at least half the month with 15 posts which is what I would like to at least average per month.  I did get another Flashback Friday in, maybe I really need to get something up every Friday.  It would give me something to write about at least one day of the week

March – 15 posts – 6,803 words

  • average of 454 words per post

I posted more this month but my words per post is way down.  I’m not sure what to make of that.  Only 1 post over 900 had a lot of reason for it I guess.

I already know in the next stat page that I will break my most posts in a month since I participated in the A to Z Challenge in April and posted every day.

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