Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WWW Wednesday’s #16


To play along, I’m supposed to answer 3 easy questions.

What are you currently reading?

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1 (Yesterday's Gone, #1) Yesterday's Gone: Episode 2 (Yesterday's Gone, #2) Yesterday's Gone: Episode 3 (Yesterday's Gone, #3) Yesterday's Gone: Episode 4 (Yesterday's Gone, #4) Yesterday's Gone: Episode 5 (Yesterday's Gone, #5) Yesterday's Gone: Episode 6 (Yesterday's Gone, #6)

Yesterday’s Gone (Episode #1)

Yesterday’s Gone (Episode #2)

Yesterday’s Gone (Episode #3)

Yesterday’s Gone (Episode #4)

Yesterday’s Gone (Episode #5)

Yesterday’s Gone (Episode #6)

I read somewhere where the authors released these short books every 3 weeks until 6 were released.  Sort of like how Stephen King released the Green Mile if you remember that.  I purchased the first box set so I’ll wait and review all of them after I’ve finished the first set.  Each book was approximately 100 pages.  I believe there are 2 other sets of 6 books but I don’t have those yet.


What did you recently finish reading?

Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond

Into The Woods by Kim Harrison

You can read my review here for this.


What do you think you’ll read next?

Gehenna (West of Hell #1)

Gehenna (West of Hell #1)

A zombie book, set in the old west.  Sounds very interesting if you ask me.  I’m looking forward to this one, hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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