Sunday, May 19, 2013

My kids are pansies

Kids these days are pansies.  My daughter has been begging me since Christmas to go play basketball with her.  She played intermurals at school this past winter, then grandma got her a basketball at Christmas so there are the reasons for the begging.  Since I actually had the kids this weekend (and every other weekend from now on since theEx wants to play games), I figured I’d take the kids out to shoot around so we went over to their school.  First off, I had to make Trevor go, heaven forbid that boy goes outside.  We get over there and start shooting around and what do I hear “It’s so hot out here”.  Like I said, pansies.

aaThey even took turns sitting in aaathe shade.  Samantha would go sit there for awhile, then Trevor would go over and she would come out and shoot around.  Just pathetic.  Granted it was in the 80’s, there was a pretty cool breeze most of the time so it didn’t necessarily feel like it was that hot out.

It’s bad enough, I have to force the kids to go outside and play considering my mom and to force my brother and I to come inside.  We spent every waking moment outside playing sports, baseball, basketball, football, wiffleball, poolball, you get the idea.  Even during the winter we played football in the street because it was plowed.

Kids are pathetic these days.

Kids are pansies these days.

At least they do play some outside sports since they are both in little league and Samantha did a run club where they ran a mile or two after school, twice a week for a month.  It’s better than most kids these days.


  1. As to kids these days, I agree with you . . . in general. As to specifics though, nope, not my kids. Especially my eldest. He would rather be outside playing sports, any sports, than anything else, regardless of weather. It could be snowing or 110* out, and he still wants to go play. This past week he played baseball every single night except Wednesday, with a double header on Saturday. And he STILL wanted to play more. Insatiable, that one.

    My youngest also enjoys playing outside, but if he had his choice, he would probably play angry birds on the ipad. However, he DOESN'T get his choice and once he is outside, he enjoys it and is totally game. So, at least I feel like I'm doing SOMETHING right in raising these kids of mine!

  2. I recall going outside during the summer and not coming back inside until called for supper. All of the kids in our neighborhood played outside and that was the place to be.