Saturday, May 4, 2013

MS Walk: 2013

I completed the A to Z Challenge, posted my weekly book meme and then took a couple of days off.  Back to normal I’d say.

Cheri and I had our annual MS Walk today.  It takes place on the campus of IUSB here in South Bend,  Our team this year consisted of Cheri and I, Samantha and Trevor, my mom and stepdad, my grandmother and my mom’s cousin.  All family, we’d have friends walk with us but we really don’t have any.  This year we about doubled our donations because of the fundraiser and a couple of generous donors   Cheri is already planning a bigger and better fundraiser for next year.

Team Laws

You have the option of a 1 mile or a 2 1/2 mile, we opted for the 1 mile due to the fact that I’m not sure any of us (maybe the kids) could even make 2 1/2 miles with ailing injuries and age.  Not to mention, with Cheri’s ruptured disc she couldn’t walk the mile so I was pushing her in a wheelchair.  We all donned our shirts that Cheri had designed (pic above) and Samantha took off and was the first of “Team Laws” come in, followed by Cheri and I and then the rest of the family.  Everyone survived it.  It really was beautiful day to walk, it was in the 60’s so it wasn’t hot or cold, it was just perfect.

Our tally as of right now is $936.  I say right now because you can still donate.  That’s right, you haven’t escaped.  This is my last plea for money until next year.  At least in regard to Multiple Sclerosis.  I don’t care if you donate $1 (theEx did, she sponsored both of her kids for $1 because they were raising money for their stepmom) or you can donate $1000 (really, I wouldn’t mind).  But please click the banner below and help us fund a search for a cure.  You can usually donate for a few weeks after the walk, I’m assuming that’s the case this year as well.

National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012

If you can’t afford to help, I certainly understand.  Do me a favor and go to our Team Laws facebook page and give it a like.  It would make my wife extremely happy to get some likes at least.  Plus, we’ll eventually get pictures posted from today there as well.


  1. Good for you for involving your kids in such a good cause.

    1. I gave them the option and they wanted to do it for Cheri. Which of course makes me a proud papa.