Friday, May 10, 2013

Flashback Friday/Cousins–Out to Pasture

I’m going to combine my Flashback Friday’s with a Cousins post.


Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.  Our cast, 2 sets of brothers.  The Dink and the Hulk, and Sluggo and the Midge.  The Dink and Sluggo are the same age and the Hulk and the Midge are the same age, but there is a 3 year difference between the Dink and Sluggo (older) and the Hulk and the Midge (younger).  These 2 sets of brothers, pretty much grew up together.  Even lived in the same household for some of it.  Eventually 1 set of brothers moved to North Carolina, but the other set visited as much as they could.  That’s where this week’s edition of Cousins takes place.

The cousins were all down in North Carolina at a relative’s house, I want to say a great grandmother or something to that effect.  They had a house with cow pasture beside it.  Naturally, being this part of North Carolina, the pasture was on the side of a mountain.  If I remember correctly, a creek ran through it as well so when us cousins went for a visit, we had plenty of land to play around on.  We were out playing for awhile and it was starting to get dark, as we started heading back to the house, we cut through the cow pasture.  Which of course, means you had to watch for cow bombs.

I don’t remember why but at one point we came to a huge pile of cow dung that was relatively fresh and we started poking it with sticks.  We were standing in a circle around it when the Dink stuck his stick all the way in it, probably enjoying the squishy sound it made.  I should say a sucking sound because it sucked the stick down and he couldn’t pull it out.  He wiggled it some and nothing so he started to try to lift it out.  With all his might, he finally pulled it free.  We heard the sucking sound again as it was released, the force of pulling the stick out splattered Sluggo, who was standing across from the Dink, with cow crap.

As we all laughed our asses off at Sluggo, we headed back to the house.  But we didn’t want to get in trouble so the Dink volunteered (maybe he felt guilty) to sneak inside the house and get some toilet paper or paper towels.  Due to the fact that the Dink couldn’t stop laughing, he got caught and they all had to fess up to what happened.  I don’t remember the details to the punishment but till this day, we all remember it happening.

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