Monday, May 6, 2013

Randomness Quicky

It’s a work day so I’m tired but I’ll bust out a quicky, maybe twice tonight.

Yahoo! Contributor Network

I posted a couple of stories over on yahoo.  Don’t get too excited, anybody can post that I know of.  They are both sports related but the links are below if your interested in checking them out.  You can also click the banner above to view my profile.

I posted the links on my Facebook page and asked for everybody to click over just to get some pageviews.  Hardly anybody did, my friends and family suck ass sometimes.


Ronald McDonald House Charities

A friend of mine, has a son who has had 3 surgeries now, the latest just a few days ago.  I’m not going to go into all the details but I will link you to his blog post about it.  But when he has to go to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House Charities puts him and his wife up with a room and all they ask for is a charity donation and even that isn’t necessary.  He started a fundly account to raise money for them which tells you the kind of person he is.  I donated, and then supported him by starting one for his charity as well.  So click the banner above and donate a little or a lot, any little bit helps.

I know I’ve asked for money twice this week, but that should be all for another year.  But both of these charities mean a lot to me.  MS Society for my wife who has MS, and this one because RMHC has helped out a friend with a child in need.  From one father to another, I have to do what I can for him.

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  1. You're helping bring to light a very noteworthy cause that benefits so many people.