Sunday, March 10, 2013

Facebook tolerance

Facebook is really starting to get annoying now.  It always has been, but certain people have made it more annoying to be on there.  I have one friend who posts about 10 things about gun control, a day.  Every freaking day!  He’s a classmate and I don’t socialize a lot with him, haven’t actually seen him in over 20 years but we have had interactions on Facebook so I keep him in “My Current Friends” list.  For the most part, I just breeze past them.  But he posted on one of them about how he wasn’t going to listen to a certain artist anymore because she had come out about feeling the opposite that he does.  That struck a chord with me.  I’m thinking your allowed to have your opinion, why can’t she have hers?  I even created and posted this e-card


with him specifically in mind awhile back, and he liked it.  I don’t ever say anything because I like to think that I’m tolerant of other’s opinions.  If he wants to feel the way he feels, more power to him.  Personally, I think you can put more time and energy into things that you can make a difference on.  Posting crap on your Facebook isn’t going to make a difference in any issue.  I’d say there’s a slim to none chance that you will even change any of your friend’s minds.  I thought it would go on for a little bit when the issue came up and then go away.  Like the election crap he posted did, but apparently not.

I also have another friend who posts vague status’.  Do these annoy everyone as much as they do me?  He’s left stuff like “Do you ever wish a decision you made 4 years ago never happened?????? Right now it's eating me alive! :/” or “Come on let's get this show on the road!!!!”  Just basic stuff but you know they are posting them to get someone to ask what’s wrong or what’s going on.  Those status’ just tell me that your needy.  If you want people to comment, then say what’s going on, not leave something vague because you want me to ask because guess what?  I’m not going to ask, if you want me to know, then tell me.  If you don’t tell me, I assume you don’t care if I know.

I know all my status’ aren’t want everyone wants to read, but I also post maybe once or twice a week.  I don’t even plug my blogs.  I did when I first started getting serious with it, figured after a few weeks, if they haven’t bookmarked or liked the Facebook page then they don’t give a crap about my stuff either.  So I let it go, I don’t keep posting over and over.

I’m just bitching to be bitching.  I don’t expect either one of these people to change.  I just wish people would actually believe in tolerance.  Everybody preaches it but nobody really follows it.  My tolerance is not pointing out what the people do on Facebook, even if they do think different then I do.  It may not be a lot, but it’s a start.  I’m pretty tolerant of anything as long as other people aren’t getting hurt.  I think it’s a philosophy that if it was more worldwide, it would make this world a better place.


  1. I've always been able to separate the art from the artist, so I can't quite grasp why other people can't. For instance, I think Ted Nugent can be an annoying prick sometimes, but as long as he's playing a guitar with his mouth shut, I'm grooving. Oh, well.

    1. That's how I feel about quite a few artists, especially being a rock guy. I grew up a huge Michael Jackson fan and still love his music, can't say much for the person though, but it doesn't stop me from listening to him.