Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Kind of Humor #8

This post is long overdue.  There were all posted on my Facebook page awhile ago so join me there to get in on the fun.  Your mainly getting this post because I’ve been very lazy on my last 2 days off and now I need to go back to work for 3 days.  I’m thinking about joining the A-Z challenge just to force myself to blog a bunch because I’ve been having issues sitting my ass down to blog lately.

humor01 voicemail

This is definitely me, I hate that stupid icon.

humor02 impossible

So true, if I drank coffee, this would be my mug.

humor03 dont give fuck

This is an ongoing battle, it must be ran by windows because I can never find the give a fuck that I’m looking for.


This is a great idea, let’s highlight all the stupid people so we can avoid them.

humor05 go back swag yolo

Let’s pray that this fad isn’t the end of us and they eventually grow up.

humor06 idiots dont listen

This happens a lot, not because I’m smarter than everyone, but because I have kids.

humor07 homeless verse hipster

They think they invented everything that they bring back from the 70’s and 80’s.

humor08 dont marry an asshole

So simple and so true.

humor09 condom headache

No more complaining about headaches, and I have the perfect way to get the tylenol into your system.

humor10 nut sacks

Is this where ex-wives sell the balls they have in their jars after the divorce?

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  1. There's some great shit in here. The first one is my favorite - I can relate.