Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blogging Blues

I’ve had the blogging blues as of late and I think I might join the A-Z Challenge in April.  Everyday except Sunday’s, you blog, but on the 1st your post is about something that starts with an A, on the 2nd, a B and so on.  I’ll be honest, the only reason I haven’t signed up yet is because I’m afraid I won’t make it through the whole month.  Even during my last month of so of the Blogging Blues, I’ve had stuff to say, just haven’t taken the time to sit and write them out.  Just usually kind of feel blah towards it.  I’m thinking if I join it, it might actually force me to blog and maybe get something going.  It might just be the kick in the ass that I need.

I planned on typing more than the above paragraph, but I’m having issues concentrating.  After I got through the above paragraph, my computer has gone to sleep twice before I even got to this paragraph.  Definitely having some issues blogging.

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