Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday–Dude Write style


This is an entry to this week’s Dude Write contest where your supposed to tell an embarrassing or funny story that happened to you or that you witnessed in under 1500 characters.  For the record, I’m not looking forward to counting my characters.  My Windows Live Writer counts my words but not my characters.  Maybe I should type each sentence into twitter so it counts for me.  Being as this is a past story and it’s Friday, I decided to make it a Flashback Fridays post as well.

Dude Write

When I was a teenager and was going to church, I always sat upstairs in the balcony.  We (my friends and I) were sitting in the front row and the congregation was just finishing up singing a hymn and I went to close my hymnal when it slipped and fell towards me, no problem right?  Wrong.  I went to catch it, and in turn it slipped under the railing and fell down to the lower level.  So just as everyone stops singing and it’s very quiet, everyone hears a loud “thud”.  I lean forward and look downstairs and everyone, including the pastor, is looking up at me.  I did the "shrug my shoulders while mouthing, sorry" look.  Then I looked directly below me to see where the hymnal landed.  Had I dropped it a few feet to the left, it would have landed on a baby in a car seat/carrier.  Luckily, it just landed on an empty pew seat.

For future reference, you can type this out at and it counts the characters.  Thanks to my lovely wife for suggesting I Google it.  Of course, that was after I tried counting it and screwed up at the end.  This came in at 832, the original was shorter and I bolstered it when I realized I have more characters I could use.


  1. Ouch man, could've been a lot worse then! Must've been quite an embarrassing moment!

  2. Oh man, that's embarrassing. Glad you didn't hurt that baby. LOL

  3. That was a close call! But then again, babies are much more resilient than we give them credit for; your hymnal would have probably bounced off his head without awakening him.

  4. You're right, this is the blog I wanted. My that sounds awkward.

  5. Wow! I would guess that lessons were learned that day:
    1. Bet the baby parents never sat in that proximity to the balcony ever again.
    2. Bet the church put a different system in place in the balcony to prevent items going over the rail.
    3. I bet you learned every word to every hymn so you would never have to use the book of shame again.


  6. Next time, aim for the baptismal font.