Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home life and buying

As you can tell, I still haven’t gotten back into the swing of throwing some posts out.  I tweeted this over the weekend, while at work.

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I’m pathetic.  While I’m standing around at work, because we aren’t that busy, I sit there and think – I could be home blogging right now or I could be home organizing the cards I’ve recently purchased.  Which I imagine we all probably do while we are at work.  The problem is, I’ll get some days off and I just sit on the couch and not be able to get motivated.  The bad thing is, I’m so behind in my blog reading because of the new rule at work to where I’m not allowed to use my Kindle on the line which is where I did the majority of my blog reading.  Which in turn, puts me behind on other things like finding funny pictures and cartoons for my RTFARG Facebook page.  Of course, I can’t really blame myself for just being a vegetable on the couch doing nothing, because I have gotten into one thing on my computer.

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I’m haven’t gone overboard with the playing time or anything, but it’s my “go to when I’m bored” now where I used to read blogs to try to stay caught up.  The courses are very realistic, and even my putting sucks so it makes it feel very real.

We have been looking at houses, as I’ve said before, and we’ve found one we really want so we had a meeting back with our lender today.  My credit scores are all up and close to where they need to be, (highest I’ve ever seen) but of course, the last thing I needed to pay off (which we did a few weeks ago) hadn’t cleared yet.  Cheri had asked him for a timeframe on when he thinks our credit will be ready and he said he really didn’t think it would get done till later in the summer so we can probably kiss the house we want goodbye.  We’re hoping it stays on the market long enough for us but the way my luck runs, it won’t.

Regardless, we drove out to the place that we paid that last bill off to get a letter stating it was paid off to send to the credit score places to get it cleared.  The lady we talked to basically said that nobody let her know that it was paid off so they hadn’t reported it yet.  I love how these places don’t hesitate to report you when you don’t pay but when you want them to do something for you, yeah, screw you.  So now it should get reported in the next couple of weeks and get cleared.

We also got a secured credit card to establish more positive credit so once that comes, we are supposed to charge everyday stuff and then pay it off right away.  The plan in our heads at this moment is, we will use it to put gas in the vehicles.  So once a week on Cheri’s and once every 3 weeks on mine.  Her gas mileage sucks.

When we finally did get home today, we picked up the mail and there was a letter from HUD, when Cheri first moved up here and we combined our families we were receiving aid from the government to help us get by until we could get disability for Cheri.  Technically, we still get it.  They’ve been paying $31 of our rent every month.  We were up for renewal at the beginning of this year, we didn’t bother with it.  All the paperwork and hassle of filling everything out wasn’t worth it so we just ignored their letters about renewing and then we received the letter from them today saying that our aid was officially cancelled.  It’ll crush us losing that whopping $31/month but we’ll manage (insert sarcasm icon here).  But there was one line that confused us, it said “You must vacate your unit by April 30th, 2013”.  Um, what?  I figured it was a screw up, how can they say we have to leave it we are still paying our rent to the apartments.  So I took the letter down to the office and asked them about it, they pretty much laughed along with me.  Best we can figure is most people receiving assistance are receiving a lot of assistance so when they lose it, they can’t afford to live there anymore.  They said I have nothing to worry about, which is good since I can’t quite buy a house yet.

Nothing else really happened today, kids came home from school where Samantha is doing ISTEP testing so she didn’t have any homework where Trevor isn’t taking the tests yet so he did.  So I played Samantha in some chess again, they both seem to enjoy the game.  Samantha is a little better than Trevor because she has learned that you have to sacrifice pieces to get to the end.  Trevor is all defensive and trying to keep all his pieces.  Like I said in my last post, it won’t be long before they start beating me.  I’ve always enjoyed the game but was never all that good at it.

We’ll see if they even go to school tomorrow because we have been getting hammered with snow.  There are all kinds of school closings already but the kids school tend to wait until the last second before cancelling.  I already shut off their alarm so if it gets cancelled or at least delayed, maybe they’ll sleep in a bit.  But I doubt it, they don’t know how.

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