Thursday, March 28, 2013

the Ex and the JackAss, episode 14

The saga continues.  Samantha had called her mom (theEx) to find out if she could go to her best friends birthday party on Sunday.  She (actually he (the JackAss)) said no because they have church in the morning and the party was at 10am.  Samantha cried, she was heartbroken.  So I waited till later in the evening and had the conversation (to the left) with theEx.


As you can tell in the screencap, the JackAss answered because of the misspelling and in general idiotic speech.  Notice the “i said no”, I’m pretty sure that she isn’t his kid.  As far as the church thing, they have just started going.  According to Samantha, he is the one pushing to go to church. which is fine, but they have to realize that the kids are getting older and they are going to have activities during the weekends, especially during the school year.  She has days off during the week and has rarely ever asked to have them for the evening.  I’ve told her she could as long as they didn’t have anything going on but she doesn’t want to spend the gas to come pick them up.

But back to this past weekend.  You see where she responded with they are down to 1 phone.  According to Samantha, they aren’t and they have 3 phones between the two of them so there you go.  I decided to call her after that last message and I told her that I’m calling to make sure I’m actually talking to her.  I asked if she saw the message about her daughter crying, she said she had but there’s nothing she can do about it.  I basically said ok, I just wanted to make sure she had seen it and I told her to think about when she was kid and how her parents forced church on her and how much she enjoyed that.  Then I said bye, and hung up.

I was back in the bedroom talking to Samantha, letting her know what was going on.  She’s figuring out what’s going on at their house, I tell Sam what they tell me and I show them whatever text messages I receive from them.  I try not to complain about them to her and let her make her own decisions and it’s starting to pay off, because she starting to see where the problem is.  While I was talking to her, the JackAss called and wanted to talk to her.  I handed her the phone and I could hear him talking through it as well because the volume must have been up all the way.  He tried to give her a guilt trip, asking her if she liked the church and if she liked going there.  She said yes, but I want to go to my friends party.  He just said, your mom wants to talk to you and hands her the phone.  She basically told her that if she wants to go to the party then she needs to just stay at my house all weekend.  She then made the mistake of mentioning that they were going to a silent auction on Friday night and Samantha said she wanted to go to that.  She kept throwing excuses out why Sam couldn’t go and as always, ended up caving.  Her main issue was that she didn’t want to have to drive her all the way back to my place (remember, she’s the one who moved further away) and I could hear theEx and the JackAss arguing back and forth on the phone, Samantha was just rolling her eyes, she definitely sees what’s going on.

They finally asked if I would drive to a town closer to them to pick her up Friday night and I said I would.  They ask me to do this all the time and I usually say no because it’s usually a matter of they don’t want to drive the usual meeting spot because it’s further for them.  This time I said yes, because I wanted Samantha to see which parent is doing whatever he can for her.

I drive past the usual meeting place and check the clock.  I drive out to the meeting place and glance at the clock.  It took me a whopping 5 minutes to get from one place to the other.  I had Samantha look at the clock when I picked her up and when we went by the usual meeting place.  Her response “Really?  They complain about 5 more minutes?”  Yep, I’m definitely loving this.  I just hope she isn’t putting on a show for us.

The final piece of their douchebagness, when I got Trevor home on Sunday night, he informed me that they didn’t even go to church that morning.  They stayed home.  Also, the JackAss told Samantha that if she makes plans on the weekend then don’t bother asking and just stay with me.  Such a good parent he is, at least he keeps earning his nickname, the JackAss.

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