Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting caught up

Well, I finally did it.  It took a couple of days but I have finally gotten through my Google Reader.  No, I’m not caught up on all the reading, I finally went through everything that gets fed there and got rid of a lot of stuff.  I’ve posted before how I am no longer allowed to use my Kindle up on the line so I just keep getting further and further behind on my reading so this has been coming for awhile.  I started with 727 things being fed to it.  The majority of those are blogs with some instagram accounts and other websites that I keep up on.  Now I have it down to 470.  The majority of those are sports or sports card related.  I would guess probably around 300 of them are, and a lot of those I just skim and look at the cards.  I pretty much kept all the sports cards blogs as long as they’ve posted in the last year or so.  I deleted a lot of the mommy blogs, not all, but most.  I found out that most of them I was just skipping anyways.  I also deleted most of the blogs that I have to click a link to go to their site to finish reading them.  It’s just annoying but there were a few of my favorites that I left even though they did that.  Although off the top of my head, I can only think of 2 that stayed.  I also deleted most everything that hasn’t posted in over a year.  I even created a folder that I put blogs that haven’t posted yet this year but did last year, just in case they come back to blogging.  There were quite a few blogs that didn’t exist anymore.  You would think they would at least post a Hasta La Vista post before leaving but for the most part, they just disappeared.

So now that I got those cut down, I’ll see if I can’t actually stay caught up.  You know, after I get caught up.  Of course, I’ve also added a few.  I have a cousin who is apparently starting a blog, he’s only posted once and it sounds like it’ll be a religious blog so if that stays I’ll only be skimming it.  He’s family, so I’ll follow along regardless if I like the content.  Unlike most of my family who don’t read anything I write.  I also have a friend who started a blog about his goal of getting in shape.  He’s posted daily (I think) for a week now.  It’s torture, because I’m jealous that he has the motivation to keep working out and doing what he needs to do.  I’d plug it here but I’m not sure he wants it public or not, he posted it on his Facebook page but those are all people he knows.  If he reads this post, he can let me know if he wants me to plug it for him.


Track – So What

Artist – P!nk


What the hell is that?  A Track of the Day, it’s been awhile,  I’ve had some of these saved up and just forget to throw them up.  So here you go.  Pink or P!nk.  I didn’t realize she used an exclamation point until recently.  My wife got me into listening to her, and I’ve gotten to like a bunch of her songs.  Plus, she’s kind of has a bad ass hotness to her.  Which is kind of what this song is about.

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