Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why Hipsters, Why?

Before I get to today’s post, I wanted to let you know that I created a blog button.  I took all my mad skills and spent hours making it.


Yes, it took me hours.  I have no mad skills.  I haven’t created the html link yet.  Maybe this weekend.  And yes, that I can actually do.  Playing with pictures, no, html code, yes.  I’m weird, I know.

So today, I’m at work and my mind is thinking “How the hell do hipsters do it?”  Do what, you ask?

I realize Zach here isn’t a hipster, or at least I don’t think he is, what the hell do I know.  But the point I’m making is, full beard and the hat.  Now in the winter, sure, I understand.  But at work, you may remember, is beyond hot.  And these idiots are still wearing them.  Like I said, I don’t know how they do it.  Maybe it was because I looked like this, this morning.


Now that’s hairy for me, when you can see the gray on my head, it’s too long.  It’s nowhere near a full beard, and I was sweating my ass off with all of that hair.  If you make the pic bigger you can see my sweat.  Go ahead, I know you want to.


This is what it was outside, notice the RealFeel at 93°.  That’s with humidity, which is what most of the heat in the plant comes from.  I usually double the difference to figure out the temp with humidity inside.  So it’s 6° between actual and RealFeel.  So I add 12° to the inside temperature because the humidity in the plant is usually close to 75% which is around double what it is outside.  So what was the temp inside.


104° + 12° = 116°.  And there are idiots walking around in those stocking hats or toboggan or whatever you call them.  The beard, ok, I get that because it’s a style, your not thinking about work.  But the hat, come on, just to look a certain way?  To me that makes you an idiot.  I actually asked the kid at one point awhile back if he wears it to keep his last brain cell from escaping, but that’s another story.  Anyways, back to me, because it’s my blog and it’s all about me.  That’s probably why I don’t have many followers.  But back to me.  I came home and shaved, because even with just that little bit of hair, I was roasting.  And I bet tomorrow I will feel a lot cooler, even if it’s not that cool.


See, doesn’t that look cooler already.  I only use an electric razor on everything.  Straight razors are like my dress clothes, only for weddings and funerals.  That spot that looks like it’s bare, is actually gray.  I have a similar spot on the other side.  Because I’m old, and that’s what happens.


  1. I'm feeling a little jealous. Do you think my husband would approve my getting a buzz. Looks divine.

    1. My wife threatens to all the time because she has a mop top on her head. I always tell her to go ahead, so I'm guessing your husband won't care either. Go ahead, surprise him.