Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Kind of Humor

I run across something funny and I save it to my computer.  Eventually I get too many saved up and you end up with one of these kinds of posts.


Yes, I use Instagram.  But I use it to share photos, not to change the image.  I hate when people use it to change the photos.  So obviously, I find this humorous.  Plus as a mild Trekkie, how could I not resist using it.


Speaking of pictures.  Love this!  And not because I’m into porn.


I might just have to carry some of the kids chalk with me.  I’d probably run out within a week or so with all the dumb asses I see.


Great parenting advice.


The milkman used to make babies with peoples wives, now the husbands are fighting back by stealing the milk.  If what it says doesn’t make you laugh, the photo of the baby has to.


So true, now go away!

fired (1)

Once again, showing of my geek side.


  1. These are great. And I'm putting chalk in the car now!

    1. I laughed when I saw that one, the only problem is, the people who parked that way wouldn't even take offense, they'd probably get a bigger head about being able to park where they want.