Thursday, July 12, 2012

theEx and the JackAss

I got a text from theEx (I’m a poet and didn’t know it) asking if her husband, commonly referred to on this blog as, the JackAss, could take the kids swimming today.  I said that was fine but I would let her know as soon as the kids were up.  Eventually it got to where the JackAss was texting Cheri and making arrangements.

photo 1a

Um, you do realize that she gets your number when you text her.  JackAss

photo 2

Apparently I don’t talk to him very well.  That’s because you treat me like crap, JackAss.

photo 3

Notice, Cheri stopped texting him and he just keeps rambling on.  I’ve told him that I don’t have a problem texting him about the kids, but if you want to call me names and act like a 5 year old, then don’t bother texting.  Apparently that means I don’t talk to him well.

So she texts me and tells me to deal with him.  So here’s how that conversation went.


You can take them to their activities?  Like the 2 softball practices that Samantha missed because you were too lazy to take her.  Or the birthday party that you were supposed to take Samantha to, that you faked a phone call to the father and told Samantha that he didn’t answer so you couldn’t get directions.  That’s right, I talked to him too.  Why didn’t you GPS the address I gave you again?  Sure I’ll trust you for that.  Whatever.  JackAss.

Notice I didn’t say all that, I just simply said “It’s not up for debate, I said no”  Simple, to the point, didn’t make fun of him or anything.  Then decipher his response.  Tina’s rights?  She has rights one day a week, and every other weekend.  But I give them to her every weekend and told her she could have them anytime during the week if she gives me some notice.  Now she doesn’t ever take them during the week.  But the offer is out there.  Now she has had them quite a bit this summer, and I have never said no when she’s asked for them.  As a matter of fact, she took them on Wednesday (the 4th) and had them all the way through the following Monday (the 9th.)  So as you can see, she has them way more than her “rights” allow.

So instead of saying “oh, ok.” or in JackAss text “o,k” he runs his mouth.  And I’m the one that doesn’t talk to him well.


So, I’ll treat him like I do my kids.  You run your mouth, you won’t get what you want.  As far as punishing the kids, it wasn’t about that.  It was about, I DON’T TRUST YOU!!!  He’ll take the kids and then I’ll have to fight to get them back.  They’ll say they’ll bring them to their activities and they either will be late, or won’t show up.

And another thing that I didn’t tell him was the kids have friends spending the night on Friday night.  But I shouldn’t have to, I told him they had plans and even told them what their plans are.  That should have been enough.  Also, before all this, on Sunday or Monday, Tina and I text and I told her I would need the kids this weekend for scouts, so again, all he is doing is stirring up trouble when theEx and I already had this crap worked out..

I told the kids about this before bed.  I explained what happened, and why they didn’t go.  I basically asked them if they would get what they want from me by calling me names?  If there stepfather couldn’t behave himself, then he wasn’t going to get anything from me either.  They seemed to understand.  I told them that I’m sure that theEx and the JackAss (I didn’t call them that to them) will probably have a different story, but that is what happened.  Just let them say what they want to say about me, that they know the truth.


  1. My first instinct was "call him out on always being late or absent from activities" but I'm sure that battle's been fought, and he's just clueless. Some people never realize that, after trust has been lost, it's hard to build back up!

    1. It has been fought, but I never fight via text because if they ever come after the kids, I don't want them to have anything on me. Unlike the crap load of texts I have from them. He even used her phone and threatened to kick my ass. I'm sure the judge would love to see that. lol

      He doesn't have the balls to say anything to my face, it's always via text. Which is fine with me, like I said, more stuff for me to use if she comes after the kids.

  2. You call him JackAss, but I think it should be DumbAss due to the excessive spelling errors and lack of punctuation in his texts. I know it's just texting and doesn't need to be perfect grammar, but that's ridiculous. Oh! How 'bout DumbJackAss?