Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekly Catch-Up

note-This was supposed to post on Sunday, but I got sidetracked.

Since this blog is essentially for me to go back and check out my life, I am going to post my media stuff here.  When I was typing out the story of how my wife and I got together for Red and Brett, I wanted to use the original tweet that started it all, and I did, but it took me forever to find it.  I even went to go back to some of the Facebook posts when we started dating but with timeline, it’s actually a pain in the ass to go back to a specific post.  So I’m going to post all my crap on this blog, you get a view into my life, and I get a chronicle of it added to my blog.  I used to do these but showed each post that I did for multiple blogs.  I’ll stick with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram photos for this reboot of the Weekly Catch-Up’s.  The Facebook posts are from my personal profile, not the one I set up for my blog.  I don’t really post anything there but blog stuff since nobody’s following it anyways.  There won’t be a lot of Twitter because most of that is plugging my blogs as well or copy’s of my status’ on Facebook.  I also use Google+ but again, I only post blog fodder there because I don’t really use it much. 

I only went back 7 days because in the future, I plan on doing one of these once a week.


Thursday, July 18th, 2012 - Reposted this photo. It’s a very good question.

Posted this on Thursday as well.  Being as I live in Notre Dame country and a lot of my family and friends are Notre Dame fans, I tend to post some Michigan stuff to my page.


And that’s it for Facebook.  While I use it all the time and check it multiple times a day, I don’t like to post a lot of stuff unless I feel led to.


I’m only going to copy over actual tweets or retweets because the majority of my posts over there, on links to my blogs or Instagram photos which will be shown below.

Sunday, July 15th. – If you follow the NFL at all, you’ll like this.

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter

Monday, July 16th. – As you can see, I generally retweet funny stuff.

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(1)

Wednesday, July 18th. – Project Unbreakable was asking that you tweet using their hashtag to see if they could get on the trending list.  If you don’t know what it is, click the link and find out.  I don’t hardly ever tweet anything when I’m asked to unless it’s something worthy, I feel that this cause is.

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(2)

Sunday, July 22nd. – Finally, another funny (and sports related) retweet.

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(3)


Monday, July 16th. – My new guilty pleasure (Duck Dynasty)

Wednesday, July 18th. – The rain is coming.

Wednesday, July 18th. – And it’s here.

And that’s all for this week.  Nothing too exciting.  We’ll see what the new week brings.

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