Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guns & Women

My problem with picking a side, is a lot of times I agree with both sides.  Abortion and Gun Control are 2 of them.

With abortion, on one hand, it should be the women’s choice but shouldn’t the father have a say?  I understand that the woman is the one that has to go through the pain and the change in her body so I agree it’s their choice.  But it seems like the father should be at least allowed to comment about it.  Say their peace, so to speak.

On one hand, I want the teenagers getting pregnant to have to carry the baby to term as a punishment for being stupid.  But on the other, I understand there are way too many kids in the systems care now and we don’t need to add to that.  I understand that it could cause all kinds of schooling issues.  But on the other hand, I’m a strong believer in there are consequences to actions.  I want it to be hard on them so they learn, but I also know these are the years that are impressionable and most teenagers wouldn’t recover in school from that.  I think we should make it a law that they can’t have sex.  No jail time, that’s just ridiculous.  But there should be some kind of penalty for it.  Right now, the girl gets pregnant, the guys gets away free.  They should have to suffer a penalty as well.  Let’s face it, kids are so nonchalant about sex anymore, they damn near all have sex before they are even old enough to drive.  I don’t know what that penalty would be, but it would have to be something that works.  You couldn’t go the Scarlet letter route, let’s face it, the guys wearing the letters would know to just look for a girl with a letter and hook up.  That’s just the way kids are now.

On one hand, rape victims should definitely be allowed to have an abortion.  It wasn’t their fault or choice.  Yeah, I have nothing for the other hand on that.

As you can see, I’m all over the place.  And notice I didn’t even touch on what age it’s considered murder.  I have no clue what to believe there.  I guess what it comes down to for me is, I would think less of you for having a baby and not taking proper care of it, then I would if you had an abortion.  I guess with that line, I’m saying I’m pro-abortion.

And gun control, I definitely don’t think everybody should have guns.  The problem is, everybody does.  There is no way you can take away all the guns now because they are all out there.  These people who want to take them away, their argument makes no sense to me.  Sure, the law-abiding citizens will turn in their guns, but the ones killing people aren’t exactly known for following the law.  There are all kinds of stories where everyday citizens foiled a robbery or such because they were armed.  If everyone was armed, maybe people would think twice about robbing people and or stores.  But there would also be a lot more accidents and a lot more children getting a hold of them.  There are just too many people that have no business carrying because they have no common sense.  But like I said, they are out there now.  You can’t take them back.

I don’t know if more people carrying firearms will stop people from going on shooting sprees or not.  Those people are just lost in their own head and it won’t matter.  Maybe if someone had a gun in Colorado, they could have stopped it.  Maybe not.  There is no way of knowing that.  So anti-gun can say it could have been stopped if you take the guns off the street, but I don’t think it would have.  He had illegal weapons anyways.  But he may have been stopped short had there been someone in the theater with a weapon.  Not saying it would have, but it’s a possibility.  Personally, I get tired of them using the incident as a stepping stone to their agenda’s.  The only thing that should be talked about are the victims and the victims family.  Even the survivors have more than enough to go through.  Let’s have compassion for them, none of them deserved what they got.  Nobody deserves to go through that.  All I ever hear are gun and anti-gun sentiments.  I’ve heard some survivor stories and that’s all I care to know.  Let me know that these people are trying to move on.

So on the gun issue, I guess I’m for them, because I think it’s too late to go back.

So let me know, am I right?  Am I wrong?  Or am I just confused?  What say you?  Want to know my side on some other burning issue, comment below.


  1. There is no doubt that these are burning topics. I pretty much agree with everything you said. The only thing that I feel is a "for sure", is that, had someone been armed in that theater, there is a greater chance a lot less lives would have been taken.

    When I posted on my Facebook about carrying a weapon to a theater just for such an instance, someone stated as a reply "The sad thing is that you can't carry a weapon into a theater." I think that is false. There are a lot of different things you have to think about. Is a sign posted? Does the sign meet the state requirements for size of signage? Is the theater public of private property? Are you planning to open or conceal carry? All of these things and more are questions that someone who wants to carry protection have to face. If you get one of the question wrong, no matter the situation, welcome to prison.

    At any rate, for the past year I have slowly worked at obtaining a concealed to carry permit. I haven't owned a gun since I was a kid but I bought my first pistol at the start of this year.

    Finally, I don't want a concealed to carry so that I can go around intimidating people. If a crime occurs in front of me, then yes I will show it and I will pray that I don't get attacked or have to actually use it. That is the scariest part of getting the permit. I don't know that I want to legally carry and be faced with such a situation. Perhaps, the situation is better handled if I do carry? I am much like you on a lot of things. I am back and forth.

    1. I don't want one but that's mainly because I've never been around them. I don't have a problem with people carrying as long as they are responsible people. The problem is keeping them from the irresponsible.

      Not that I've really, really looked but I can only think of a handful of those signs ever posted anywhere that I've gone. And I don't know what all the laws of carrying one are so I can't help you there.

  2. So on the topic of abortion, lets not forget that there is the option of adoption. There are so many couples that cannot have children. So maybe instead of a penalty for getting pregnant under the age of 18... the girl is obligated by law to release the child to adoption, not foster care, but adoption.

    For gun control... The laws don't need to be changed. The permit to carry has strict guidelines. If people are able to obtain guns illegally there isn't much anyone can do about it. The problem is that more people need to obtain the permit to carry. Then someone would have been able to stop the psycho that shot up the theater.

    1. I agree with what your saying about adoption, but there are so many kids already in the system that need adopting. Do we really need to put more in? I don't know how the system really works but I assumed foster care and waiting to be adopted are pretty much the same thing. Except you don't get a baby.

      This is true, what you said about gun control. But again, having enough responsible people anymore is pushing it. There aren't many people I know that I would trust with a gun in their hand.