Monday, July 23, 2012

Random, or is it?

I’m not sure what to type.  I have a lot on my mind, but it’s all over the place.  The bad - theEx and the JackAss have pissed me off again.  I’m depressed about the world in general after the Colorado shootings.  I’m watching the White Sox after they’ve lost 5 straight.  The good – had a great date with my wife to see the new Batman.  Had an equally enjoyable lunch with my wife and oldest daughter afterwards.  I’m watching the White Sox.  The meh – I’m actually following my Twitter feed this evening.  I’m watching the White Sox.

So in general, this is going to be a random post.

First on the agenda, theEx and the JackAss.  Now I know what your thinking, I don’t want to read about these idiots again.  So don’t, skip a paragraph.  First off, out of the blue this afternoon, I get this text from the JackAss.


First off, Trevor’s hair is a little on the long side, but believe me, nowhere near as long as he is suggesting it is.  We’ve had the kids for maybe 3 days total in the last 2 weeks.  (Remember this text about not giving her rights, my ass).  So, they’ve had them most of the last 2 weeks, but it’s my fault that Trevor’s hair is a little long.  WTF ever.  BTW, my wife’s name is spelled Cheri and my name is spelled Jeffrey.  JackAss.  I guess I’m asking for too much since he cant spell personally or shaving, or use capital letters, proper punctuation or spaces after a period.  You see my response, straight and to the point.  And it really isn’t his concern.  Why am I getting this text you ask?  Because theEx was at work and apparently he wanted to start something.  Problem is, I don’t bite.  Then you can read his threat.  One thing you need to know about me, you can threaten me all you want.  I’m unlikely to do what you want.  In this case, we will, because we were already planning on cutting it.  Cheri had actually thought about cutting the day they went back there but decided to wait until later in the week when we got them back.  But again, it isn’t really his concern.  I let it go, you can’t bait me if I don’t give a shit about you.

Like those infomercials, but wait, there’s more!  I get a text from a parent of one of Samantha’s friends asking if she can go to a waterpark with them tomorrow.  Cost is $23.  So I call theEx and tell her.  Of course, it’s a no because she doesn’t want to pay the $23.  I text the parent and tell her that her mom won’t let her come.  I go about planning Samantha’s birthday party that we are having this Sunday.  I text Screenshot_2012-07-23-20-16-23theEx (to the left) and ask her to have Samantha call me up, I get the “k” (don’t get me started on how much people using k like that annoys me).  I wait 20 minutes and ask if she’s going to call, then check out the response from the JackAss at the bottom of the screen pic.  Really?  Is he 5 years old?  Are you seeing what I have to deal with?  After that Samantha calls me and I find out who all she’s inviting, after I get the info, she tells me “Daddy, I have $13 but I don’t know where to get the other $10”  My heart broke for her.  So I told her, ask your mom to bring you home tomorrow morning and I will get you to your friends and give you the money and then she can pick you up here, afterwards.  TheEx asks what time so I tell her I’ll get back to her and contact the kids parent.  I call her back afterwards and tell her she needs to be at the kids house by 9am.  She says “I don’t know, I’ll let you know.”  So I tell her let me know ASAP because I need to tell the other parent then hang up.  Then I get this text, notice it’s from the JackAss and not theEx.  Read the bottom 2 boxes, you’ve already read what’s above.


#1.  The we are not made of money Screenshot_2012-07-23-20-16-02comment, they went to the fair yesterday and probably spent a fortune.  They eat out constantly.  They sure as hell don’t spend any money on the kids.  And they only pay $27/week in support for those 2 kids.  Not to mention, I can’t tell you how often I heard “he has all kinds of money coming in” when they were dating.

#2.  I didn’t make it last minute, her friend did.  That’s what having kids does, it makes you deal with everything last minute.

#3.  Plans?  TheEx said she was working at 10:30 and you were going to Fort Wayne.  Where are the kids while your both away, oh yeah, home alone.  A 10 and a 7 year old, home alone.

#4.  Really, 8 minutes later you’re going to correct, and if.  What about minute and all your other errors.  And how am I going to pick them up anyways, I thought you had plans.  If your going to lie, your going to have to get a lot smarter than your 5th grade education will allow.

Ok.  I just did a word count and I was at 892 before this paragraph.  So maybe this won’t be a random post.  We’ll see if you get to hear all the rest I had going on up above at a later date.


  1. Damn Jeff,

    I can say I would have already lost it with these two. I agree with you people that text "K" in the place of actually using "OK" I guess they are to lazy to type the "O" and don't get me started on not using spell check. It amazes me that people are that lazy !!

    Hang in there buddy it will eventually get better but unfortunately you will have to go through hell to get there.

    1. If I didn't have custody and the courts weren't already against me being the father, I would have lost it to. But I don't want to give them any ammunition to use against me if she ever went for the kids. Meanwhile, they keep giving me ammunition so why should I complain?

  2. Wow. Don't know what to say. I guess it's not normal then that my mom and step-mom go out to dinner together on occasion? Hope everything works out for you.