Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My daily trip on the web

I have nothing to say, but I thought of something I could do.  I think in order to really get to know someone, you should check out their computer home page or bookmarks.  It says a lot of your life.  I use Google Chrome as my browser and I have 13 pages set up as my home pages.  They all come up in tabs when I open the browser.  These are the pages I check daily.  Also in the order that I view them.

Tab #1 – Yahoo Mail.


I have a business account so I have no ads and multiple email addresses go to this account.  I actually have 7 or 8 addresses that all filter to this page.  Including my personal email account.  Nobody really emails me on a personal level so I have no need to check it daily, but I do.  Anybody who contacts me is usually through Facebook or via Text Message.

Tab #2 – Twitter (Interactions page)


I don’t constantly check twitter, or really even use it much other than to plug my blogs.  Although, I’ve been using it more posting picture with Instagram (jlaws13), so I check my interactions page just to see if something is going on with my account.  This page shows if someone started following you, or retweeted you, or even used your twitter handle in a post of theirs.

Tab #3 – Facebook


You may notice, this isn’t the News Feed page.  I have set up my own lists, you can see them over on the left.  The tab opens on my Family list, because they are the most important.  After I catch up on this feed, I click the Current Friends list, which has all my friends that I interact with.  I also put pages that I follow on that list, which I’ve been meaning to add more blogger pages to.  I have a few of your pages liked, but since I use Google Reader to read your blogs, I don’t generally see your pages to find your Facebook page.  So if you have a Facebook page for your blog, leave me a comment and I’ll go to your blog and find it.  Also feel free to like my Facebook page over there on the right.  The other page I have set up is Classmates, which is what most of my friends are.  But I don’t ever really talk to any of them.  I do talk to some, and those ones that I do, I move to my Current Friends list.  I don’t hardly ever check the Classmates list.  I have to be really bored to do so.

Tab #4 – Yahoo Fantasy Sports


At the bottom right, under the Teams and Leagues section are all of my fantasy teams that I play.  So I click on the first one, change my lineup, come back, click on the next one, ect.   Right now, I’m playing 3 Fantasy Baseball teams (1st place in 2 of them).  During the winter, there will be a couple of Football teams so I use the tab all year around.

Tab #5 – the ??? site’s


I do this daily as well.  It literally takes me 45 seconds (I timed it today) to go through each of the pages and click once.  The main 3 I really care about are the Breast Cancer site, the Veterans site and the Child Health site.  But like I said, it takes less than a minute to click them all, so that is what I do.

Tab #6 – Kacey’s MySpace page


What?  A MySpace page?  Is MySpace even still out there?  Yes, yes it is.  Short story is Kacey was 18 when she died (hardest funeral I ever attended) and her father has contacted MySpace trying to get her password in order to keep this page alive as a memorial to her, but they won’t do anything for him.  So he said that they said as long as it’s getting traffic, that it wouldn’t get deleted.  He’s not real computer savy (I’ve had to log into his Facebook page multiple times to do things he can’t figure out) so I told him I would make sure I hit the page every day.  It’s the least that I can do for a friend and father who lost his daughter at that age.  I used to babysit her when she was younger so I knew the whole family well.  If anybody knows how to hack MySpace to get a password, leave me a comment or email me (it’s in my profile).

Tab #7 – Blogger Dashboard


Most days I just glance at my followers and see if I have any more.  Other days I’ll check my stats on the top 2.  The Too Many Manninghams is a Michigan related blog that a friend runs that I post on here and there so I don’t have access to much, just enough to post.  And the journal is a private blog that I occasionally use to post about theEx and the JackAss.  More of a place to journal the stupid stuff they do just in case she ever tries to take the kids away from me.  As a father, the courts are already against me so I have to use every edge that I can.

Tab #8 – Twitter (Celebs)


I have my twitter divided into lists as well (I’m so organized)  This is my Celebs list.  Most days I skip past this list, I only follow a few Celebs (10 actually) and most are comedians because I like humor in my life.

Tab #9 – Twitter (Comedy)


This list has 25 people on it, most of these are spoof accounts or just people I find funny.  Again, I like to laugh.  Although I’ve been adding bloggers to one of my other lists and now that I screen captured this page, I realize I need to move Nikki over to my Other list.

Tab #10 – Twitter (Family & Friends)


This list is compromised of family and friends that I actually know in person.  Most of the people I know don’t use Twitter, out of the 16 people on this list, maybe 4 or 5 actually use it daily.

Tab #11 – Twitter (Other)


This is where I throw the people that I don’t consider fitting to any of my other lists.  I am gradually adding fellow bloggers from this blog to it.  It’s where I need to move Nikki from above to.  If you’re a blogger and you have a twitter account, let me know in the comments.  Or follow me and I usually check out whoever does and see if I want to follow back, if you’re a blogger, I will.  I’m pretty sure you can find my account, since every time I type twitter, my windows live writer automatically links the word to my account.  Twitter, twitter, twitter.  See?

Tab #12 – Twitter (Sports & Sports Cards)


This list has all my sports tweeters and my sports blog followers.  It has the most people on it (83 tweeters).  To be honest, sometimes I skip this list too because it’s just really long and takes awhile.

Tab #13 – Twitter (White Sox-Michigan-Colts)


Most of the 30 people on this list are of the White Sox related.  Either players or reporters.  There are some Michigan and Colts as well, but mostly the White Sox.

There you have it, that’s the 13 pages I view daily.  Usually when I get through all of these, I head on over to my Google Reader and start reading blogs.  I know, it’s an exciting life.  I’d be surprised if most of you are still reading this.  I probably lost you somewhere in the Twitter lists. 

What pages do you view daily?  Blog about it or just leave me a comment, I’m curious, like I said, I think you can learn a lot from this.

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