Monday, July 16, 2012

Trevor was a pilot for a day

Last Saturday was a busy day for our household.  Samantha had a Girl Scout trip to Build-A-Bear at the local mall,  and Trevor had a trip out to a field (airstrip) with his Boy Scout troop.  Cheri took Samantha to the mall where her troop was meeting.  All the girls got to make a Girl Scout bear for themselves, plus an additional bear that they are taking to the local children’s cancer ward sometime in the next week or so.  Samantha dressed hers in a White Sox t-shirt,  I raised her well.  I was going to take a picture of it for you to see, but apparently she took it with her to her mother’s this weekend.

IMG_20120714_110157Trevor, on the other hand, went out to a field and learned how to fly not so small RC planes.  If you follow me on twitter or Instagram (jlaws13) then you’ve already seen these, but most of you don’t, so here goes.  I tweeted this with the caption “Welcome to Indiana #Boring”.  On the other side of the orange fence is the field where they take off and land.  As you can tell by the grass, it is very dry here.  They had to cancel the local fireworks show on the 4th.  But here’s a bunch of the photos I took.




As you can tell, they are fairly big planes.  Not nearly as small as I had originally thought they would have been.


In this picture, the pilot is explaining how it flies and a quick lesson on how the controls work.


The first picture is Trevor and Christopher, they are best buddies.   The second picture is the real pilot, helping Trevor fly one of the planes.  He had a blast doing it and had the plane doing rolls and other tricks in no time.


The scout leader set this up and it was pretty awesome, the kids loved it.  It’s human foosball.  As you can see the red noodles are facing one way, and the green noodles are facing the opposite.  You drop a soccer ball in the middle and the kids kick it whichever way they are facing.  You have to keep both hands on the noodle or you have to sit out and your team plays a man short until they score.  In the 4 or 5 games they played, nobody sat out.  They did a pretty good job of keeping their hands on the noodles.  Trevor, who is not big on physical activity,  played in almost every game.  He was sweating and everything.


This is just another photo that I had taken, I had liked the way these planes were painted like old World War planes.  None of the kids got to fly any of these, but they were still cool to see.

A good time was had by all.  The group that did this provided hot dogs on the grill,  along with chips, cookies and bottled water.  None of this was charged to the scouts,  all voluntary.  It’s pretty great that some of these organizations just volunteer their time and money for the kids.  The scout leader said he put on his scout uniform and went to the street department and asked them for the orange fencing that is used in the human foosball and they just gave it to him.  So there are still some good people out there.




I’m sorry I don’t have much on Samantha’s trip, but Cheri drove them out there and she can’t just stand there while they build the bears.  She had to go down to the wifi area and sit on the furniture there until they were done.  But she was a trooper and took the girls out so Sam didn’t have to miss it and so I could go to Trevor’s.  I’ll show you the bear when she comes home.  If she remembers to bring it home, things tend to go over there and disappear.

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