Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sexy Aliens taking over

I’ll admit it, I watch my stats, and I’m annoyed.  Not that I don’t have many followers or hits on my pages, but because of this

Blogger- Random Thoughts From A Random Guy - Posts stats

These are the top 4 posts all-time in my history.  The sexy aliens post I essentially reposted content from the www.furiousfanboys.com site.  I gave them credit and everything so I didn’t steal it.  I just found it an interesting post so I brought it over.  Boy, did I not see that coming.  Apparently if you want to boost your stats, post half naked women on your site.  I guess I kind of knew that from my porn background, but I wasn’t really expecting it on this blog, and it’s not like they are naked.  I guess I should never underestimate the power of horny geeks.  I went and looked at my search stats to see if they were all coming from Google.

Blogger- Random Thoughts From A Random Guy - Traffic sources stats(1)

As you can see, a bunch are coming from Google.  Not quite as many as I had thought, but still a bunch.  43 if you add them all up.  Apparently I need to do more of my WTF Did They Just Say?, it seems to be a hot search.  Even though the posts stats don’t really show it.  Only one of the 4 posts is even in my top 4 and I’m pretty sure that’s the one with the JackAss.

I kind of wish I didn’t post that one over because it feels like my stats are false.  I feel like I tricked the viewers to checking me out.  I would never do that on purpose.

Jennifer Love Hewitt nude Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Divorce Spiderman Batman Rises Kardashians the Walking Dead Baseball Cards Found in Ohio iPhone Mad Men Spoiler Rashard Lewis deal Sofia Vergara Nikki Haley Healthcare Obama MLB All-Star game

No, I would never stoop to those levels.


  1. Most of my "URL" recommends are illegible google sites, so I'm jealous that you have actual searches finding you!

    1. 6 of my top 10 "Traffic Sources" are all crap sites, I hate that. Your in my top 10 for that though, thanks for that.