Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stats, part 3

Part 1, Part 2

I left you off in January of this year.  I also said that this is where Random Thoughts from a Random Guy really starts to become what it is.  And it really starts with the first post of February.  First, let’s take a look where we are currently.

Blogger- Blogger Dashboard

I’m closing in on 11,000 pageviews which is nothing compared to some of you, but I think it’s pretty awesome.  I’m also closing in on 250 posts and I added a new follower.  Like I said up above, I left off with January in part 2 so let’s get started with February of this year.

Random Thoughts stats

You can tell from the first post because it’s titled “Me, a Writer?”.  I had posted on My Sports Obsession a good, thought out post about why I collect cards and how it might be associated with my father’s death (“The Year My Life Changed Forever”) and I posted it on my Facebook and a couple of family and friends had complemented me so I started to think about blogging for real.  Which is what that first post is about.  “Who Was that Guy?” was my first post where I just threw it together, a quick story about something humorous that happened that day. That’s when I realized that maybe I could blog semi-regularly.

February 2012 – 8 posts - 3898 words – 9 pictures

  • average of 487 words per post.
  • average of 1 picture per post.

If you remember, last month I only averaged 82 words per post.  So you can see where I actually started blogging more.  At this time I started reading a lot more blogs as well, trying to find what I wanted to do. 

Random Thoughts stats(1)

“Genetic Disaster” was my first attempt to connect with other MS blogs.  I still don’t touch on that subject much anymore but that’s because it has become an every day thing that I don’t think about as much.  You can see a lot more posts this month as I’m getting a little more into it.  Some goofy titles that were pretty much the same as my Randomness posts except that I titled them with each paragraph of the post.  You also see Weekly Catch-Up posts.  I would like to continue to do those but I never take the time to do them.  They were posts about what I posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

March 2012 – 20 posts – 13,929 words – 88 pictures

  • average of 696 words per post.
  • average of 4 pictures per post.

I like seeing months likes this.  Almost 700 words per post and 20 posts, both good stats for the blog.  A small chunk of the 88 pictures are from the post about Trevor’s Boy Scouts pinewood derby and the rest average out with a few per post, which is standard at least now, I always try to put a few pics per post.

Random Thoughts stats(2)

Another 20 posts for April.  I’m flying now.  Lots of good stuff up there.  Should be a pretty good average with nothing over 1,000 words.

April 2012 – 20 posts – 11,219 words – 82 pictures

  • average of 561 words per post.
  • average of 4 pictures per post.

Average words is down a little, probably because of the quick Happy Easter post which was only 33 words.  That was my first post since January that had less than 100 words.  I crossed 50,000 words total on this blog, that’s pretty cool.  Now that I’m pumping out more posts with more words, let’s see if I can get to 100,000 by the end of this post which will end on September of this year.

Random Thoughts stats(3)

I slowed down this month, down to 12 posts and I have a lot of posts with no pictures.  The 18 pictures on “MS Walk: 2012” are pictures from the fundraiser walk for MS and the 13 pictures on “A Phone Cleansing” is a post where I just posted a bunch of pictures that I had stored on my phone.

May 2012 – 12 posts – 7751 words – 37 pictures

  • average of 646 words per post.
  • average of 3 pictures per post.

The average pictures per post is deceiving since I only had 4 total posts that had pictures but my average words per post is holding steady.

Random Thoughts stats(4)

Only 11 posts in June, I’m slowing down some but I’m guessing my words per post is about the same.  I don’t have as much to say with these posts as I’m coming into my own.  I don’t think I have too many followers yet but what I have learned is because my blog doesn’t really fit into a certain category (parenting, MS, comedy) is part of that reason, but I have also learned that it doesn’t matter to me.  I write for myself and just hope it’s entertaining to the readers.

June 2012 – 11 posts – 7458 words – 33 pictures

  • average of 678 words per post.
  • average of 3 pictures per post.

Almost exactly like last month.  My average pictures is actually spreading out between all the posts.  The “How Hot Is It?'” has pictures that I took at work if I’m not mistaken.  2 posts over 1000 words, one of those being a holiday weekend post where we go camping.

Random Thoughts stats(5)

Almost doubled my posts.  Summer months I do more and therefore have more to talk about.  Sounds like I know what I’m talking about, right?  I crossed 500 pictures posted in July.  I don’t really care about the pictures posted and really could take that stat off but I was afraid if I didn’t add it, later down the road I would actually care about it and have to go through all this again.  At this point, I don’t think so but it only takes 2 seconds to plug in the stat so it’ll stay, for now.

July 2012 – 21 posts – 13417 words – 110 pictures.

  • average of 639 words per post.
  • average of 5 pictures per post.

Really averaging out on my words and pictures now.  3 months straight of between 600-700 words.  And I like to average 3-5 pictures per post, just so it’s not all words.

Random Thoughts stats(6)

15 posts in August but there are 2 fairly long stretches of no posts.  I really started picking up more followers in August.  I posted my first Dude Write post at the end of July but I didn’t pick up some more followers until I was posting regularly to the contest.

August 2012 – 15 posts – 7907 words – 71 pictures

  • average of 527 words per post.
  • average of 5 pictures per post.

My average words per post dropped below 600 but is still a respectable 500.  I had 6 posts under 500 words and 4 of those are under 100 which explains the average drop.  Pictures stayed the same but almost half came from 2 posts.

Random Thoughts stats(7)

And for our final month of this post, we have September.  I made it my final post because I think I’ll do one of these stat posts every 3 months, or quarterly.  So you won’t have to see another one of these until January.  You all should be happy about that.  19 posts for the month, looks to be a lot of smaller posts.  Didn’t quite hit 10,000 words but I bet I do in October, guess you’ll have to wait until January to find out.  Even though my words per post have been down, I do like some of those posts.

September 2012 – 19 posts – 9201 words – 53 pictures

  • average of 484 words per post.
  • average of 3 pictures per post.

A couple of long stretches where I posted every day, I like seeing that.  October’s numbers are my best yet, but you’ll have to wait until January to see those.


  1. Congrats on nearing 11,000 pageviews! That is exciting! I nearly wept when it took me a month to get over 7.

    Love the stats.

    1. Thank you, nice to know someone actually read the stats posts. lol