Thursday, November 29, 2012


I realized today, that I haven’t updated my Track of the Day page in over a month.  I’ll try to get to that this weekend since I have no plans and I don’t have to work.  Speaking of music, or spotify, I’ve noticed in listening to my music that the random tends to stick to the same songs.  As you may know from the Track of the Day posts, I listen to my “All Items” list which currently had 947 songs.  Yes, I meant had.  I’ve been starring each track I listen to and then when I get home, I move them from my “All Items” list to my “All Items 2” list.  Like I said above, the random tends to stick to the same songs.  For instance, at the start of today, I still had around 860 songs left on the playlist, and I had about 40 or 50 songs already starred that I hadn’t moved over yet.  So that leaves a little over 800 songs unstarred that I hadn’t listened to.  But yet, today, a starred song popped up 7 or 8 times.  Considering how many songs are unstarred, that’s a little ridiculous.  So they’ll gradually moved over to the 2nd list and once I’ve listened to them all, I’ll start with the random on the 2nd list and move them to the 1st one.  It’s only fair that I listen to each song once, I can’t play favorites.
I know, it seems like a lot of work for nothing.  Consider it part of my OCD.  Yeah, I have a little bit of it but I won’t go into that now.  I tend to keep it hidden somewhat.  Most people, don’t realize some of the stuff that I OCD over.  But I’m not so bad that I can’t not do what I’m OCD about.
I was leaving for work today, and went to grab my sunglasses that I had worn in yesterday, then thought, I guess I don’t really need them.  It saddens me that I won’t see the sun for 2 days because of work.  I leave for work around 6:40 am and it’s dark, I get home from work at 7:20 pm.  I don’t smoke so I have no need to go outside at work, so basically, I won’t see the sun for a couple of days.  On the weekends I work, it’s 3 days of no sun.  That just sucks.  The picture above was taken on my way home today.
christmas02 christmas03
I stopped by my mom’s yesterday to check on their cat because they were out of town.  I walked in and I think Christmas threw up.  It was all over the place.  Or at least in boxes all over the place.  She said she was putting all this up last weekend, she must have gotten into watching the Michigan/Ohio game and didn’t get them up.  I know she’s taking the grandkids to go cut down her Christmas tree on Sunday so I imagine the tree stuff will at least get up next week.  Try to ignore the pumpkin tin in the picture on the right, apparently, putting up Christmas stuff also means taking down fall stuff.  Even with all the Christmas stuff still in boxes, she did still have the most important decoration up.
If you don’t know what that is, then you haven’t truly lived a happy holiday.

For those of you who cut off your RSS feed so the reader has to go to your site to read the rest.  A note to you.  You better make the first couple of sentences really good otherwise I’m not clicking the link to read more.  I’m guessing that if you do that to your blog, then you don’t use an RSS Reader to read other blogs because then you would know how annoying it is.  For the record, I rarely click over anymore.  So you might think how many people feel the way I do and you might actually be hurting your readership.
And speaking of blogs, get rid of Captcha on your comments.  That’s annoying too.  Let the blogger spam filter stop them from posting the comments.  Very little, if any, actually make it on to your blog.

I started reading Dead and Moaning in Las Vegas by fellow bloggers Brandon Meyers & Bryan Pedas “A Beer for the Shower”.  I’m only about 30% in but I’ve enjoyed it so far.  Can you really get better than a comedy about zombies?  I may do a review when I’m done, but I’m not going to promise one.  But I can tell you that so far I’ve really liked it.  I can tell when I’m enjoying the book when I look forward to my breaks so I can read it, and I look forward to my breaks now.  I just wanted to plug their book since they are bloggers that I read and follow.  You can click the cover above to get the Kindle edition, which is what I’m reading.
Track – Lose Yourself
Artist – Eminem
This is about the only Eminem song I like, mainly because I enjoyed the movie and it reminds me of that.  I like the songs that pump you up and this is one of those songs.  It makes you puff out your chest like you’re a bad ass.

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  1. OMG. They sell "major awards" in leopard skin?!? Be still, my beating heart!