Thursday, November 1, 2012

What the hell are you watching? vol. 4

I took pictures of my series priority pages on my DVR and we’ll go through them. I’ll post the pictures at random because most of the top priorities are the first ones listed because they only show once, usually the local networks. Then all the cable network stuff is listed next because they replay them all the time. We record so many shows that some days and times there are 4 shows on my list but it’s only a dual tuner DVR, which means I can only record 2 shows at a time. It almost always works out that a couple of them are on cable networks and they replay them right after or a few hours after. If not, I catch the episode online or on demand.


#25 – the Ellen DeGeneres Show – I don’t generally watch this show but I don’t mind when I do.  She has great guests most of the time and she is so generous to everyone.  How can you not like this show.

#26 – Grimm – This is a decent show, I’m not majorly into it like some people are but I do like it.  It’s loosely based on the original Grimm fairy tales and not the ones you grew up with.  The main character is able to see the fairy tale creatures for what they are and with the help of one of those characters, hunts down the creatures who have gone bad.  I do like supernatural shows and this one definitely fits.

#27 – Fringe – Another science fiction show and I love this one.  My wife and oldest daughter can’t stand it but I think it’s awesome.  This season is it’s final one because it’s numbers haven’t been great but it does have a cult following.  This year takes place in the future where they are going to war with the see’ers.  Those who don’t get involved have decided to just take over instead of watching.  I’m really looking forward to this season.

#28 – Alcatraz – This show has already been cancelled so I guess I can delete it when I get around to it.  I enjoyed this show.  Another science fiction show where the prisoners of Alcatraz disappeared one night in 1963 and are gradually turning up now.  They track down these fugitives while trying to investigate where they have been for the last 35-40 years.  Plus it had Hugo from Lost in it and I liked him.

Summary – Other than Ellen, all good science fiction shows.  Although one has been cancelled already.  Have I mentioned that I love science fiction.


#1 – Person of Interest – I like this show as well, my wife likes Jim Caviezel even though he isn’t the best of actors and we both like Michael Emerson from Lost.  Emerson’s character created a computer that predicts what people are going to do and in turn spits out people who need protecting.    Caviezel’s character is making up for years of killing for money by protecting and helping those who the computer tells him to.

#2 – Take the Money & Run – Not sure if this one is still on anymore.  They gave 2 everyday people a bunch of money in a briefcase.  They had an hour to hide the money and then 2 cops pick them up and interrogate them.  They have 48 hours to break them and find the money.  If the cops find it, they get to keep it.  If the other people keep it hidden, they keep it.  We found it interesting.

#3 – Touch – Jack Baur’s Keifer Sutherlands new show where his autistic son communicates to his dad for him to do things which end up helping all kinds of people.  It’s pretty cool to see how him helping a guy in LA, helps a guy in Iraq and some girls in Japan.  It’s a good show, but it’s kind of the same story over and over with different characters.

#4 – Brothers & Sisters – I used to watch this show for the first few seasons and then got out of it but my wife continued to watch it.  I believe it has since been cancelled.

Summary – Person of Interest I really like and Touch I did, but it’s getting to be the same every week.  The other 2, 1 is cancelled and the other may be as well.


  1. Mrs. C. and i are addicted to Boardwalk Empire on HBO. Amazingly good.

    1. I've heard that, but I don't have HBO.

  2. Interesting. I could never get into sci-fi. Perhaps it's a girl thing?

    1. I love Sci-Fi. But your right, my wife doesn't get into most of it either. She really hates Fringe

  3. And apparently also . . . Friends. ;)

    I watched Alcatraz and enjoyed it, but knew it wasn't long for the world. It just didn't have that same original bite that Lost did. He keeps trying the same mystical formula, not realizing the uniqueness is what made Lost huge. Now it's just trying to be LIKE Lost. Sad.

    1. We watch a lot of Friends in this household.

      Usually the shows I enjoy don't last long, I must have different tastes than most. Lost was great and your right, it can't be duplicated.