Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A couple of quick things.  The good news is it’s really slow at work (not normally good news) but it means I get to read more.  This generally means when I’m working and have nothing to do, I read blogs on my Google Reader and on my breaks, I read books.  I got almost all the way caught up on my blogs today.  This is how I looked.
That would be me sitting on a 5 gallon bucket with my head on my desk (sweatshirt for padding), reading on my Kindle Fire.  It helps that I’m in the slowest section on the line.  I’m sitting in front of my fan as well, if I had some hair, you could see my locks flowing in the breeze.  It may be 40 degrees outside, but it’s still warm inside.

I know none of you really read my sports blog, but I was having issues and started a duplicate blog on Wordpress.  I did the same with this one.  So if you would rather follow this blog on Wordpress than you can at  The blog posts will be an exact duplicate as here so if you don’t want to switch, then don’t.  This will still be the main blog and will have more sidebar activity as well as pages.  I don’t like the Wordpress site as much as Blogger but it may just be because I’m used to Blogger.  I do like that people can like your post without having to leave a comment.  And I like that now I can comment on Wordpress blogs and have account to link to.
Special thanks to Brian from “Brian Jones’ Diary – the Ramblings of a Menopausal Man” for my 3rd Chairman’s Choice man card for my post “Surprise Package” and for giving me another blog to read.  Be sure to check him out as well as the other guys over at Dude Write.
Always a good time for a couple of Apple Sucks posts.
Since this is so short, I’ll throw up a couple of things that I posted on personal Facebook account.

Some days this is the hardest thing I have to do.

If I keep eating fast food, I won’t be their fast food.

It’s funny how the unlikeliest characters become the most popular.
And a picture from my wife’s Instagram.
If you remember my last post where I said I crashed on the couch for a few hours.  Apparently Kitty found a place to sleep as well.  Right on my back and ass.
Haven’t done a Track of the Day in a little while so we’ll throw another one out there for old times sake.
Track – Sunday’s on the Way
Artist - Carman
Another classic christian song.  This was chosen because I did some service work at a church in Kentucky.  And one night we did a skit to this song.  It’s about the demons and devils partying after Jesus’ crucifixion waiting for Sunday to come to see if he comes back.  Anytime I hear this song, I go back to Thousandsticks, Kentucky and all the fun I had on that missions trip.  We did all kinds of cosmetic and maintenance to a church and surrounding buildings.  We slept in the church sanctuary on the pews and the floors.  That was back when I was a good guy, before I got corrupted.

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  1. We've all been corrupted, here or there, but that's why we need Jesus! It all works out.