Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I got in trouble last night, apparently my wife was trying to talk to me during “the Walking Dead”.  You would think she would know better, but I guess not.  She even posted this on Facebook.


The bad thing was, I get her status’ to my phone, but I didn’t realize she had posted it, until after it was over.  Oops.  I tried to argue that I heard what she said, she argued that since I didn’t respond, that if I heard her then I was ignoring her.  Crap!  I’m screwed.

I got a lot of reading done today, I mentioned earlier in the week that I was a week behind on my reader.  I’ve gotten up into November now, so I’m only 5 days behind.  I will admit thought, that I tend to skim a lot more when I’m behind so it goes quicker.  It was dead at work, that always helps.  Since I only work 3 or 4 days a week, it doesn’t take me long to get behind.  I suppose I should start reading more at home to stay caught up.

Mom, you’ll appreciate this story.  I found out something about my daughter today.  My oldest daughter came home tonight which means my youngest sleeps in her brothers bunk beds.  While moving her pillows over, a book and a penlight falls out of her pillowcase.  I asked her about it and she admitted that when she can’t sleep, she reads.  I know this means nothing to you, but at her age, I was always getting caught staying up late, usually reading.  I know my mom is laughing her ass off right now.  She always loves it when my kids do things that I used to get in trouble for.  I guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t have a cellphone yet, not that she isn’t trying to get one out of me.


For previous Track of the Day’s click the cassette tape above.  For a brief overview of my music history, check this out!

Track – Denomination Demolition

Artist – Mylon & the Broken heart


I loved this group back in my christian music days, I’ve seen them in concert at least 4 of 5 times.  I used to do all the concert stuff before I wised up and stopped wasting my money.  But back to this song, Denomination Demolition.  The title sums up all of it and it is what I believe needs to happen with religion.  I don’t claim to be religious anymore, but I am a good person.  But to me, what is wrong with religion now, is just that, religion.  This songs talks about demolishing denominations (religions).  To me, all religions are is a way for everyone to interpret the bible into what they think is right or wrong.  Why else does each religion have different rules?  If they all followed the bible, wouldn’t most religions be the same?  And isn’t that what everyone should be trying for?  My personal belief is you do what is right, now what is wrong.  You help those who need it, not turn your back on them.  Just be a good person and contribute some positive into this world and your ahead of the game. 

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