Sunday, August 10, 2014

Journal, August 9th

9:30 am

I had Cheri wake me up at 9 this morning so I didn’t sleep too long.  I tend to sleep in way to late on the weekends and it takes a few days during the week just to get back into getting to bed at a normal time.

11:45 am

It seems like a Feedly kind of day, I’m currently at 11,000 undread.  I may change my mind and post to some of the blogs so we’ll see.

I’ve mentioned doing a few things to Cheri but she just does the “whatever you want to do” thing which means, I don’t want to but I’ll let you drag me around anyways.  So we’re probably not doing anything today.

8:30 pm

I lied, we went out after all.  We went to the dollar theater and saw “Captain America:  the Winter Soldier”.  Cheri had never seen it before, I’ve seen it 3 times now.  In case you didn’t notice, I liked the movie.  Cheri liked it as well, probably not as much as I do but it was ok for her.  I always have to remember between her being ADD and her back hurting, she has trouble sitting still.  That usually means that you don’t like it and just can’t wait for it to get over with but with her, she’s just battling her demons, per say.  Afterwards we went out fancy (for us) for supper.  We went to Papa Vino’s.  It’s a nice, Italian restaurant.  It was pretty yummy.  Did some running around and came home.  We grabbed some movies at the Redbox in Walmart so we’d have something to watch tonight.  I grabbed “Divergent” and “Bad Words”.  Don’t know much about either of them but there is nothing else on so we grabbed them.  I know Divergent was a popular book and it seemed like my kind of book.  Bad Words has Justin Bateman and we like him so hopefully the movie is funny.

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Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (DVR) – Main guest was Jeff Bridges, he’s kind of tough to understand with the way his voice is.  Also had Ali Larter who I remember from “Heroes”.


  • Divergent (Redbox DVD) – This certainly wasn’t as good as I had heard the books were.  It was really slow to begin with, the ending was exciting but not enough to make up for the rest of the movie.  Cheri gave it 3 stars, I only gave it 2.
  • Bad Words (Redbox DVD) – It was about what I expected.  Not a great story but some great one liners.  Jason Bateman was hilarious.  Cheri gave it 3 1/2 (apparently we have 1/2 points now), I gave it 3.

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