Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Journal, August 19th

Rumors going around work are that we are going to be very slow for awhile, which could lead to days off that I can’t afford.  From what I can see, we were going to be running out of subs tonight if nothing comes in so I’m not sure what we will be doing tomorrow.

After work, I met Cheri at Verizon, it sounds like we are going to go with a new contract with them.  They want a $240 deposit for my new phone on the no contract plan where if I sign a contract, I only pay $150 for my phone.  A contract with Verizon never scared me, I know how their service is.  I didn’t want a contract with AT&T because I had never used them before which I’m glad I did now.  We don’t have $150 lying around so we have to wait until payday.  Since we were with Verizon before, Cheri is going back to her old iPhone 4s because she never had a problem with that phone before, she actually loved it.  Skyler will keep her iPhone 5 that she’s using now as it was originally a Verizon phone as well.  Samantha will be switching to an iPhone 4s that used to be my sister-in-laws but she just recently upgraded as well.  I will be purchasing a new Galaxy s5 because I like to have all the latest stuff, I’m more of a tech guy then everyone else in the family.  I like having the new stuff.

What I clicked on to read today.  I read all kinds of things in my Feedly, but these I found in other places or a link in Feedly.

Check out them all – Random Thoughts from a Random Guy, My Sports Obsession, My Sports Obsession TumblrMy Sports Obsession – Wolverines, My Sports Obsession – Index, A Day in the Life of a Nobody,My Life (private), and Cats Are Cuter.  I also post on Too Many Manninghams.

Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • Anger Management (DVR – 2 episodes)
  • the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (DVR)
  • Running Wild with Bear Gryllis (DVR)
  • Switched at Birth (DVR)
  • Arrow (live)
  • Married at First Sight (live)
  • Sullivan & Son (live)

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