Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Journal, August 12th

6:30 pm

Not much happened at work today, had our monthly meeting this morning that goes over the previous month’s production.  They also said they were starting the paperwork to roll over temp employees but I’ll believe that when I see it.  It rained most of the day which meant I had to keep getting wet periodically.  Normally, that isn’t a problem but it was actually a little chilly a few times I was out there.

I picked up the kids at my mom’s after work and hung out and talked like I always do.  TheEx called Samantha to ask if the JackAss sent her a text last night.  Um, yeah, and from your phone dumbass.  He’s such a douchebag.

Don’t know that I’ll really do anything blog wise tonight.  Just not in the mood.  I did set up a Feedly account for my mom and subscribed her to a bunch of stuff that she would like, you know, my blogs.  Other stuff too, her kids and grandkids Instagram accounts and stuff like that.  Now we’ll see if she actually uses it.

What I clicked on to read today.  I read all kinds of things in my Feedly, but these I found in other places or a link in Feedly.

Check out them all – Random Thoughts from a Random Guy, My Sports Obsession, My Sports Obsession TumblrMy Sports Obsession – Wolverines, My Sports Obsession – Index, A Day in the Life of a Nobody,My Life (private), and Cats Are Cuter.  I also post on Too Many Manninghams.

Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • the Lottery (DVR) – I’m curious to see where this show goes.
  • Running Wild with Bear Grylls (DVR) – This episode was with Channing Tatum
  • Arrow (DVR) – Last nights episode, we missed tonights episode, gonna have to find it online tomorrow.
  • Partners (DVR) – This episode was a little funnier than the previous ones.

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  1. I don't know how you put up with the EX and the Jackass!