Thursday, August 21, 2014

Journal, August 21st

Slow day at work, one of the lines is shut down for the rest of the week.  Only one more day to go anyways.

After work, I picked up Samantha and drove her to her friends house.  While she was over there she did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge as she was challenged yesterday.  I didn’t even know she was challenged until she told me today on her way there.  I was trying to use my GPS to get me to her friends house but of course, my wonderful AT&T network kept losing signal every 5 minutes.  I so hate AT&T right now.  The plan is to switch to Verizon tomorrow when I get off of work unless they can’t give us the price they quoted us earlier in the week.

What I clicked on to read today.  I read all kinds of things in my Feedly, but these I found in other places or a link in Feedly.

Check out them all – Random Thoughts from a Random Guy, My Sports Obsession, My Sports Obsession TumblrMy Sports Obsession – Wolverines, My Sports Obsession – Index, A Day in the Life of a Nobody,My Life (private), and Cats Are Cuter.  I also post on Too Many Manninghams.

Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • Extant (DVR)
  • Duck Commander: Before (DVR)
  • Taxi Brooklyn (DVR)
  • Legends (DVR)
  • Bad Ink (DVR)

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