Sunday, August 17, 2014

Journal, August 16th

I got up at 9 again, which is my “get your ass out of bed” time on non work days.  I ran and got us some breakfast and hung out for a bit until taking Samantha to her try outs.  She wasn’t feeling well again, she’s been sick quite a bit lately.  We think we know what it is, just waiting for the meds to kick in.  She played through it though and did pretty well.  I really want her to make this team because the coach’s could help her become so much of a better player.  On the other hand, it’s not cheap to play travel ball.  I might have to take out a small loan, it’s kind of ridiculous.  I was really proud of her, she hit the ball well and fielded well in the infield.  She had some problems in the outfield but so did most of the girls.  They said that we should get a call by next weekend, cross your fingers.

TheEx and the JackAss were supposed to be there to watch.  I was very vague about where the ball field was and when they did eventually show up, probably about half an hour late, I received a phone call asking where it was.  I didn’t answer, I figured I’d let them search it out.  About 15 minutes later they finally showed up.  The diamond is right behind the high school, but you have to go all the way out and around to get to it, so if you don’t know where it is, it takes a bit to find it.  If they had come to her game on that diamond last season, they would have known where it’s at.

I was going to finish working on my cards tonight, but it’s already 10 o’clock so I’ll probably just hang out on Feedly and do my cards tomorrow.  Since I typed out all the posts for the cards I have, I just need to post them to my have lists and put them away.

What I clicked on to read today.  I read all kinds of things in my Feedly, but these I found in other places or a link in Feedly.

  • He Chose Death (via Feedly) – A blogger friend of mine’s take on the Robin Williams death.  She recently lost her husband and has a past with suicide so it was a different side of the story.  I mainly went to make sure people weren’t saying stupid things in her comment section, because I know how people are.  I don’t comment too often on her stuff at this point because what I have to say isn’t going to matter during her grieving process, I  just post once in awhile to let her know I’m still reading.
  • Gene Simmons Just Went COMPLETELY Ballistic Over Immigrants Who Don’t Learn English (via Facebook) – I loved it!  You go Gene!
  • It’s Me Again (via Facebook) – My cousin’s blog.

Check out them all – Random Thoughts from a Random Guy, My Sports Obsession, My Sports Obsession TumblrMy Sports Obsession – Wolverines, My Sports Obsession – Index, A Day in the Life of a Nobody,My Life (private), and Cats Are Cuter.  I also post on Too Many Manninghams.

  • I did the usual post to the 4 tumblr accounts that were already queued up.
  • I posted one to My Sports Obsession as well as typed 8 other posts up for it.  So I’m actually ahead of the game for once on that one.
  • I even typed up one for Too Many Manninghams.

Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • Legends (DVR) – Pilot episode, we liked it.
  • the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (DVR) – Jason Stathem is always a good time.  He smoked Fallon in a hamster ball race.  Demi Lovato was also on it, I don’t really know much about her.

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