Monday, August 4, 2014

Journal, August 3rd

Slept in till about 10:30 again, hopefully I’ll be able to go to sleep tonight at a decent time since I have to be up at 5 am for work tomorrow.

We were waiting for around 6 pm to leave to go get groceries before meeting theEx at 7 pm to get the kids, then we got a text from theEx asking if we could meet at 9 pm.  I responded, “nope, but you can drop them off at 9pm.”  I’m not going out that late to meet her, sometimes I go to to bed at 10.  She didn’t respond right away so we went ahead to get groceries, we were more or less taking our time assuming she would drop them off but while we were at Walmart, she text back and said we would go ahead and meet at 7.  So we rushed around and finished and were on our way to meet her when we got another text saying never mind, we’ll drop them off.  It’s a good thing we were already out otherwise I would have been annoyed even more.  So we ran to Martin’s, which we were going to go to after we got the kids and the grabbed some supper and headed home.  I just don’t understand why she waits until the last second to ask.  I checked Samantha’s GPS and they hadn’t left home all day.  I understand wanting the kids a little longer, I don’t have a problem with that since school isn’t back in yet, but preplan your stuff so you can give me a little notice.  I don’t know how many times we will already be on our way to meet her and we’ll get a text saying she’ll be late.  Had she sent it 5 minutes earlier we wouldn’t have left yet.  I guess that’s the way of the world, nobody thinks about anybody else anymore.

It is now 9 pm and I received a text from Samantha a few minutes ago saying they were going to be late.  She said they were watching a Redbox DVD.  They have been home all day long, and now they decide to watch a movie.  So freaking typical of them, this crap gets old.

They ended up getting home at 10:08.  I’m thinking about starting to take time away when they are late.  She’ll want them at a certain time and I’ll push it back later, equal to the time they were late meeting me or dropping them off.

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Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • Satisfaction (On Demand) – Another show my wife thought I would like so I watched the first 3 episodes on demand.  It’s a good show, but it drives me nuts because none of this would be an issue if the husband and wife would just talk but I guess that wouldn’t make a show, would it?
  • Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox (live) – I planned on watching this on the DVR so I could fast forward commercials, baseball is long enough without the commercials, but because of a rain delay, when I started it an hour later, they were just getting started.  I ended up leaving in the 8th to go grocery shopping which was a good thing since they ended up giving up 8 runs.  Stupid bullpen.
  • Hell on Wheels (DVR) – I did miss this show, I like good westerns.  Although I always hate the first episode of a season because I can never remember what happened the previous season.
  • Sullivan & Son (DVR) – This show has hilarious one liners.  I don’t think to many people even know about it.
  • Last Ship (live) – They lose the captain recovering someone who is immune from the virus.  Sets up what looks to be an exciting episode next week.
  • Falling Skies (live) – Lexi leaves and the group loses a few people in attacks of the skidders.  Still trying to figure out what Lexi’s role is going to be in the war.
  • the Strain (DVR) – This is definitely the best show on right now.  I’m loving the story and the possible apocalyptic ending.

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