Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Bored Vets

A friend of mine decided to do a podcast with another friend of his.  I had never listened to a podcast and other than knowing it was an audio file, I didn't know much about them.  But since he's a friend, I decided to take the time to listen to it.  Instead of leaving a comment, I figured I’d do a blog post and hopefully gain them a few more followers.

Before I get to the podcast, which can be found at, a little background on our friendship.  We basically worked together for a few years as he worked where I do now.  He has since moved on to bigger and better things, lucky bastard.  We didn't work in the same department so we didn't really have much time to chat but we managed to get to know each other a little bit.  I always respected him because he was a family man as well as a military man.  He was in the reserves when I knew him and I know he has done at least one (I think more than that but not sure how many) tours overseas.  How can you not respect someone literally fighting for you?  We kept in touch when he moved, through Facebook and Twitter.  We don’t really have conversations but we comment on each others stuff every so often.  He has supported my blog and facebook blog page and I try to support him on his blog “Not Really a Ninja” as well as his photography blog “Anything But Random”.  I also have plugged his charity here for an organization that has helped his family throughout his son’s complications.  I also have a link down there to the bottom right of this page just for that (the Ronald McDonald House button).  I probably haven’t made him any money but all I can do is try.  We have stuff in common, and that’s about it.  But I consider him a friend and I hope he does me (consider me a friend that is, not the other).

You can check out his site at the link at the beginning of the previous paragraph or go directly to the podcast “The Beta Cast”.  They discussed a few things and I’m going to throw out my thoughts on them here.  I think I got the order right on what they discussed but it’s been a few days since I listened to it.

  • Motorcycles – I agree with both of them on this.  While I agree they are dangerous, I’m not sure I can go as far as saying they shouldn’t be on the road.  I have never driven one but have seen the effects of an accident up close.  I know there have been times where I just about pulled out right in front of one because I didn’t see it right away.  I do like how both Mike and Carl agreed there are always idiots on both sides (car drivers and motorcycles) because I’ve seen plenty of bike riders weaving in and out of traffic which would lean me to the side of Carl, but I’ve seen quite a few responsible ones as well so it equals out.  Personally, I think scooters should be outlawed to be on any road with a speed limit over 35.  If they can’t go the speed limit, they shouldn’t be on the road or if they are, they should be required to stay to the right side like a bicycle instead of driving down the middle of the lane.  That pisses me off more than a motorcycle.
  • Two kids killed a WWII vet – I agree with everything they said on this.  I can’t believe crap like this even happens.  I haven’t heard anymore updates but I wouldn’t have a problem with them resisting arrest and getting their asses whipped.
  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars – I’m like Mike on this one, I have nothing against Star Wars, but I’m a big Star Trek fan.  If you’re a reader of this blog, then you know I’m in the process of watching all of TOS (the Original Series).  It’s taking me awhile to get through them because my wife thinks they are so cheesy so I only watch them when she’s not home.  I believe I have one episode left on season 2 before starting the 3rd season.  Then I plan on moving to all the other series one at a time.  I love Star Trek.  I like Star Wars.  For the most part though, I only like the original 3, I was never a big fan of the newer ones.  I would even say I love episodes IV, V and VI, just not as much as I love Star Trek.

Be sure to check out their first podcast ( and follow them along on twitter (@twoboredvets) as well.  Good job Carl and Mike, I enjoyed the first show.  I’m looking forward to the DC vs. Marvel in the next one.  As far as some ideas, how about Apple vs. Android, or explain to me how 1/4 of my pageviews on this blog are from Explorer.  Why does anybody still use it?  Should college athletes get paid?  Who has the most annoying fanbase, Notre Dame or that team from Ohio? (that one’s for you Carl).


  1. Thanks for the plug. Or should I say PLUGS. Do I really have that much going on on the interwebs? And yes, we are friends, unfortunately it's more of a virtual friendship, but in this day and age, that's still cool. Now if you would only give up on the Colts and start rooting for the Lions.... :)
    We're looking forward to our next episode, and hopefully improving on what we did in the first one. Mike has a new microphone on the way, so that should spruce up the audio a little bit. Love the talking point ideas. Mike doesn't watch sports (doesn't even have cable, so WTF) so that may be a difficult topic to pull off. But as far as the most annoying fan base, having lived 30 minutes from South Bend for 30 years, and living 2 hours from Columbus for 4 years, I can safely say that THE Overrated State University has the worst fans I have ever seen. I've all but stopped watching college football since moving to Ohio. Those people are total assholes from September to January.
    Thanks again for the plug, it's greatly appreciated. I'll make sure to return the favor.

    1. Yeah, Lions not happening. To be honest, I don't really follow NFL other than it's something to watch on Sundays. I do watch the Colts games but generally with a laptop doing other things.

      Doesn't watch sports and no cable? There's something seriously wrong with that.

      Your not the first person to tell me that Ohio fans are the worst. I'd probably agree with you just by what I've heard. Your probably right about your evaluation. ND fans are annoying, Ohio fans are assholes.

      You can plug me when you hit your 1,000,000 follower. It shouldn't be too long.

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