Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Randomness bullet points

After averaging a post every other day in August, I hit a dry spell and haven’t posted in almost a week, not since the 28th of last month.  I’ve had stuff to blog about but nothing spectacular so if I don’t blog about it when it happens, I tend to forget about it.  It was my long week at work and it was hot as well so I’m usually fairly drained by the time I get home.  I’ll give you some bullet points on my week to make up for the lack of posts.  Because my 2 or 3 regular readers are dying to know, not really.

  • I had one day that I pissed off my foreman.  I’m on my feet, walking on a metal catwalk for 11 hours a day in 100°+ heat and he wants to complain when I take a minute to sit on a bucket in front of a fan.  He caught me, again, and bitched me out.  Then he started to complain about how stressed he was at all these other people.  So I told him “You should relieve some of that stress by sitting on a bucket.”  Apparently, he didn’t appreciate the humor.  I heard he was complaining about me the whole rest of the day.
  • I had one day where I was pissed at my oldest daughter, actually I was pissed for a couple of days and still get pissed when I think about it.  Probably because nobody really acknowledged what happened.
  • I had one day where I didn’t do any social media.  Not on purpose, I just don’t usually do it much if at all at work and then I crashed early to bed when I got home.
  • theEx picked up the kids on Friday and returned them that night.  Then took them again at noon on Saturday and returned Samantha that night because she had a girl scouts function on Sunday.  Then I got Trevor back on Sunday night.  So Cheri was busy most of the weekend just driving the kids around because we can’t trust theEx to make sure kids get to their functions.
  • I’ve started listening to my first podcast.  I spoke of it in my last post but I enjoy the banter between the 2.  I usually hand the remote to Cheri and tell her to watch one of her shows, pop in my headphones, and listen while I go through my feedly (which I am way behind again).  I’m thinking about searching out a few more to listen to.  They’d have to be comedy and be really funny, and most importantly, free.  In case you missed my buddy’s, it’s at twoboredvets.com.
  • I have to bite my tongue all the time on my personal Facebook page because I live about 10 miles from the Notre Dame campus so I have a lot of friends and family that are Notre Dame fans while I am a Michigan fan.  The big thing is last year, Notre Dame bowed out of the rivalry and kept a few easier schools on their schedule when this was a huge (football and money making wise) game.  Coach Kelly (ND) said this week that he didn’t think of the Michigan game as a rivalry.  Really?  Maybe you should see all the anti-Michigan posts on my feed.  That’s all year long, it’s just doubled this week with them playing this coming Saturday.  I don’t even hate the school, just a lot of the delusional fans.
  • The kids are still enjoying their new school.  Samantha is running in cross country, that’s pretty much the only sport there is at her grade level.  I haven’t received any complaints on either one and Trevor actually brought home a progress report with a really good remark from the teacher.  .@lovejlaws - So proud of Trevor -) #ProgressReport #JimtownIntermediate #School - Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer
  • The previous weekend when I didn’t work, Cheri and I had a “Breaking Bad” marathon.  We started Friday night Aquoteforgenerationstocome-36774and watched seasons 1 thru 5 (first 8 episodes) on Netflix thru Sunday.  Then watched episodes 9 and 10 on demand, then recorded episode 11 live on Sunday night and watched those 3 on Monday night so we got all the way caught up.  We love the show and I think pretty much everyone in this family that watches it, loves Jessi.  You’d have to watch the show to understand the picture to the left, yo.  I posted it on my wife’s facebook page but I made sure she was the only one who could see it because I don’t think anyone in my family watches the show and didn’t want them to think I was calling her a bitch.  I’m sure that wouldn’t go over too well with either her or my family.
  • I started a new tumblr blog.  Mainly for my wife because I’m constantly showing her cat pictures and gif’s so I decided to just throw them on a blog and she could see them there.  Every 5th picture is a picture of our kitty as well.  You can check it out here - http://catsarewaycuter.tumblr.com/ or following it’s accompanying twitter account – @kitty20101
  • Had a great Labor day yesterday.  Pretty much all we did the whole day was sit at my mom’s in a big circle outside, eating and talking.  A day chatting with the family is always a good day.  Plus the weather was pretty good and made it more enjoyable to be outside.

I think that’s about it, I told you stuff went on, I just couldn’t sit my ass down and put it down on the computer. 

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  1. So far the new school year looks promising foe your kids. Take care and have a good week.