Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I got called Squirrely

I know right, squirrely.  Who calls someone squirrely?  Jenn over at My Daily Jenn-ism called me squirrely.  What the hell is that supposed to mean, so I Googled and the Urban Dictionary says this.
Urban Dictionary- squirrely
Seriously?  That’s what Jenn thinks of me?  She has been my biggest supporter from another blogger.  She gives me all kind of love on her facebook page.  She even got me to 100 followers which was quite a feat since I think I was only hovering around 30 or so.  I thought she liked me, I thought I had a friend.  Maybe squirrely means something else, I’m going to read the other definitions on urban dictionary.
Urban Dictionary- squirrely(1)
What the hell did I just read?  Surely Jenn doesn’t think that.  Unless she knows something I don’t know.  The only way to understand why she called me squirrely is go back and figure out how she said it.

Oh, wait, I don’t think she meant the definition above (especially that 2nd one, my “bum” hurts thinking about it).  It’s an award!  Well then it definitely can’t be negative.  That’s the Jenn I know.  The rules of the award are you’re supposed to give 10 facts about yourself.  We’ll see if I can even manage that.  Last time I got an award and had to come up with facts I barely made it.  I should probably pull that up to make sure I don’t duplicate any.
I went back and I won 2 Liebster awards and a 3 award which totaled 25 facts about me.  This is going to be tough to come up with 10 more but here goes.
  1. I’ve had the inkling to write a book.  I don’t know if I’m scared to fail or just to lazy to take the time to do it.  I know nothing about writing a book.  I have some vague ideas for stories but I don’t know if I can make it the length of a book.  I know, everybody thinks they are a writer.
  2. A lot of the reason I want to write a book, is to say that I’ve done something with my life.  Physical evidence that I’m more than a factory worker.
  3. I always wear socks.  Always!  When my feet get cold, I get cold.  I generally sleep in my boxers but on an occasion that I sleep in the nude, I’m not nude, I still have my socks on.  That’s why you never see me in sandals, even on the beach, I wear shoes and socks.
  4. I don’t like massages.  I’ve never had a professional one but I don’t like when anyone tries to rub my back or neck.  My wife thought she’d give me a back massage, she started and I just laid there.  She asked if it felt good, I said not really and she got mad and said I was weird.
  5. I rarely have my wallet on me and when I do, it’s never in my back pocket.  I don’t understand how people can sit on their wallet all the time.  It just doesn’t seem comfortable at all.  If I don’t need my debit cards or ID, I just carry my cash in my pocket.  When I go to a sporting event, I put my ID, debit and cash in my pocket.
  6. The car I’m driving is 10 years old, and I’ve owned it almost the whole 10 years.  It is a 2003 and I bought it in the fall of 2003 so it wasn’t new, but it wasn’t really old either.  I don’t remember ever washing the outside.  Other than cleaning the trash out of it, I’ve probably never really cleaned the inside either.  I’m not big on possessions, it’s a car.  As long as it gets me where I’m going, I really don’t care what it looks like.  It’s not like it’s filthy, it does rain every so often.  There is no trash in it either, I keep it clean, I just don’t wipe it down or sweep it out.
  7. I have never fired a gun.  I’m not sure I’ve ever even handled a gun.  I’m not against them, just never really had the opportunity.  I guess I’ve had the opportunity, I was in a firearms store yesterday and I’m sure if I would have asked the owner (my ex-sister and brother in law) he would have let me hold a rifle.  He has told me that I can come out to their place and shoot some guns sometime.
  8. I used to skip school, a lot.  So much that they started calling my mom at work when I did because she would never get the messages when they called home or sent some snail mail.  One time, they asked her if she cared if they picked me up.  Sure enough, I opened the door to the vice principal.  The really bad thing was I had talked my brother into skipping as well, so we both got busted.  He dropped him off then took me to school.
  9. I once got accused of being gay at work.  How did I react?  I hit on him, he freaked out.  Apparently he was homophobic.  I would walk by someone else standing close to him and say to them loud enough for him to hear “Damn, Tony’s ass is looking mighty fine tonight.”  He finally started yelling, “I get it, your not gay, just stop it.”
  10. Speaking of being gay, I have been in the local gay nightclub.  Even watched a drag show with a necklace with penis’ on it.  That even earned me a lap dance from one of the queens.  I was there with a bachelorette party and the sad thing was, I hadn’t even had much to drink.  But I had a good time regardless.  For one, you’d be amazed at how many single women are in there.  The night we were there, there was 4 other bachelorette parties going on.
Woo Hoo!  I did it, I got 10.  Of course, my wife gave me 3 – 6, rather quickly at that.  Maybe I should pay a little attention to that.
The next step is to hand it out to 10 other bloggers.  I currently have 549 blogs in my Feedly and narrowing that down to 10 is not happening.  Sure, I have some favorites out there, I even have a folder on my Feedly called All-Stars that I make sure I keep up with daily, it has 268 blogs on it so that doesn’t help much either.  So if you would like this award, take it and run with it.  If you want me to post your blog on here, let me know and I will post it as a recipient to the award.  I do appreciate the awards but mainly because it gives me something to blog about.
Big shout out to Jenn from My Daily Jenn-ism for the award and more, I meant it when I said she was my biggest supporter.  My facebook page would be nothing without her, not that it’s anything special now but she’s responsible for about 3/4 of my likes with multiple shout-outs on her’s.


  1. That was awesome!! I laughed all the way through! Great job!

  2. I've called and been called squirrely many times. I don't think it means questionable character as much as it means being in a curious mood. I've also been called wide-eyed and bushy tailed but that might be something altogether different.

    1. I've been called all kinds of things, but never squirrely, until now.