Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday’s–Be afraid, be very afraid (repost)


I went looking for an old post for Flashback Fridays.  In light of reading about an 88 year old World War II veteran dying at the hands of a couple of teenagers.  It may not have anything to do with it, it may have.  All I know is I don’t remember being as much as of an asshole as the current teenage generation.  This was originally posted on February 12th of last year.


My wife and I took my son to his Scout awards program today.  It certainly wasn’t worth the 3 hours time there for the 5 minutes my son got his awards.  Part of that time was eating so it’s forgivable.  It was a carry in so lots of food.  But here’s my gripe.


What happened to sitting and keeping your kids quiet?  I understand giving them something to do to keep the occupied, but bring a whole freaking set of toys.  And not only that, but it was the kind of toy that made noise.  As was evident when we were having a moment of silence for a scout leader in the hospital.  All was quiet, except for that damn toy.  And the grandparent sitting next to the kid giggling because of the toy making noise during the moment of silence.

Maybe I’m just a dick of a parent, I don’t know.  My son sat there quietly during the awards.  While the damn kids behind us were playing and talking so loudly that we couldn’t hear half of what was being said.  The kids sitting in front of us were playing angry birds.  What happened to giving respect to the person up front talking.  Or how about after we were done eating when a bunch of kids were shooting baskets and dribbling basketballs at the hoop right next to the tables.  WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE KIDS PARENTS!

I realize that this thing is boring to the kids, but wouldn’t that be a teaching experience of why you have to sit and behave to show RESPECT.  Because let’s face it, kids have no respect for nothing, including themselves anymore.  And you can say it’s because of the other kids they hang with or all the electronics, TV, music, games, ect.  It all starts at home.  When you teach respect, you get respect.  Instead of trying to pacify your kids with electronics, try being a parent, and making them sit still.

All the parents, come here and gather around, I have a secret for you.  Closer.  A little closer.  Here it is.  Your in charge, not your kid.  I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.  I don’t know what the hell happened when parents became afraid of the kids.  The kids should be afraid of the parents.  You can love your kids and have loving, close moments with your kids, but when it comes to them doing things they shouldn’t, they should be afraid of what is going to happen when you find out.  And they should fear that you will find out.  Because you ALWAYS find out.

I understand why kids do the stupid things they do, because if I could get away with it at that age, I would have too.  But I was afraid of what would happen.  That’s right, I grew up with consequences to my actions.  Kids now-a-days have no consequences to their actions.  I see it everyday.  There is no way in hell that my kids are going to talk to me the way I see kids talk to their parents out in public and certainly not at home.  You know why, because my kids are AFRAID of what will happen if they do.  And there is plenty you can do without laying a hand on them, for all you people screwing up your kids by not spanking.  Find what they love, and take it away.  Oh yeah, that’ll get their attention.  My kids get grounded from electronics.  All of them.  No TV, no mp3, no video games, nothing that takes batteries or electricity.  Minor offenses denotes an earlier bed time.  But, they do know, I’m not above spanking them.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had too, but they know I will.  Which makes them afraid.  Which keeps them in line.  Sure, they test their limits to see what they can get away with.  My brother and I did too, but we didn’t dare cross that line.  You know why?  We were AFRAID of our parent.


  1. I remember being afraid of my parents, more specifically my mother. Dad was very laid back but Mom was a strict disciplinarian, and she never thought it necessary to explain her decisions.

    1. We got a leather belt when my dad was alive, and wooden spoons when he passed.

  2. My dad had the ability to pull his belt out in one smooth motion. After seeing my older brothers on the receiving end of that enough times, I learned from their mistakes! He only did this on rare occasions where Mom had had enough.

    1. We didn't get often but when we did, we remembered it for awhile. My dad used a leather belt with 3 holes in a row, all the way down the belt. I was the oldest so I had no learning curve. Lol