Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coming Soon

I’ve been a slacker, I haven’t posted in a week.  Granted it was my 5 day work week so I don’t generally post as much but I didn’t even do any of my weekly posts (Music Mondays, WWW Wednesdays, or Stacking the Shelves) not even a Flashback Fridays.  (How’s that for a plug of some of my posts?).  Nothing really went down this past week.  It’s cooled off some so work hasn’t been as miserable.  Kids are getting ready to start their new school next week.  Trevor has his birthday party coming up on Tuesday.  We go back to the bank to see if we can get a loan for a house in a couple of weeks.  We are at wits end living here so that really needs to happen.  I’m also in the process of fighting off a cold, stupid runny nose and stuffiness.

I’ve gotten behind on my Feedly again due to the fact that work put in a web filter so I can no longer access the internet on my Kindle.  So since I’m not keeping up with my blog reading anymore, I’ve been reading books instead and on some days, have read a whole book before I left work.  Speaking of books, my library has finally gotten Kindle books to loan out.  I’m not all that impressed with what they have available but I haven’t searched extensively on it yet either.  I’ve just checked a few main authors that I like and there wasn’t much available (Kim Harrison, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Jim Butcher).  I did put World War Z on hold so when it is available, I’ll get to read it.  I heard the book is way better than the movie anyways, which is usually the case.  Apparently the book will come to your Kindle and then in 2 weeks, poof, it disappears.

So as you can see, you haven’t missed anything.  I’ll try to post a little more regular this week.  I already have an idea to add to Music Mondays tomorrow.  I’m also almost done with another My Kind of Humor post and another post so I haven’t been completely gone.

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