Thursday, August 15, 2013

Randomness #18

Well, we went to the bank today for another check to see if our credit score is high enough.  You may remember, it was 10 points too low 2 months ago.  It went up a whopping 3 points in that 2 months.  I’m annoyed.  We have 3 credit scores, the top one is over the goal by 22 points, but the other 2 are below by 7 and 27.  They go by your middle score which is 7 below.  Why are all 3 so different and why do you have to use the middle score?  Why can’t they look at how far I’ve brought it up in the last 6 months and look at the fact that I’ve been at the same job for almost 14 years?  Or that Cheri is guaranteed a disability check every month?  She isn’t going to get any better, she’s not going to lose it.  I don’t understand how it HAS to be a certain score.  I’m freaking 40 years old and have never owned a home, I WANT TO OWN A HOME.  I want my kids to have a permanent home for the rest of their lives.  I want to give my wife a single level home because some days the stairs kick her ass.  I want to get the hell away from my sorry excuses of neighbors.  But the only thing that matters to the bankers are that I got divorced awhile ago and theEx screwed my credit up because she doesn’t pay any of her bills.  The majority of the bills I paid off to get my score up was things she was supposed to pay after the divorce, and the minivan that got re-possessed because she wouldn’t pay anything towards it even though she was driving it.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a lot of my credit score was my fault.  I didn’t care about my credit for 20 years, but I do now, and I’ve made huge strides on my score, shouldn’t that account for something?  I hate dealing with this crap, it’s as bad as dealing with the stupid insurance companies.

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I’ve been boosting my Twitter followers by following everyone that follows me back as well as following people that I know follow back.  I’ve added a couple of hundred of followers in the last couple of weeks to both my Random Thoughts Twitter (jccsst1022) and My Sports Obsession Twitter (sportobsession6) accounts.  I’ve also crossed between the 2 accounts as in when I get followed back on one account, I’ll follow from the other.

I originally didn’t like doing that, I figured if they didn’t actually want to read what I was posting then I don’t need the follow.  I’ve started to turn the way I view that practice and thinking the more people that follow, the more people that my tweets are going to.  More exposure per tweet per say.

As far as actually reading all the tweets from all the people I follow.  I use a list and just have the actual people I want to follow on that list and that’s all I check.  I also have some people that their tweets go to my phone via text as well.  I follow a lot of blogs but I don’t follow their blogs via twitter, I use a rss reader for that so if they only post actual blog updates to their twitter, then I don’t really follow them.  I mainly follow a couple of family and friends, and then some people who are inside the White Sox and Michigan organizations who post updates and links to articles about those teams and school.

That picture was a screencap off my phone that I posted on Instagram over 3 weeks ago, along with this caption “For all those kids who told me to get a life. I got 100+ now. #CandyCrush #WhosLaughingNow”,  Before I talk about this, be assured, I’m not addicted to the stupid game.  The majority of the time that I play it, I’m sitting on the crapper.  Figure it out yet (you should from the pic above), that’s right, candy crush.  Like I said, I play it but not all that often.  Sometimes I’ll go a few days without playing it.  If your not familiar with the game, you only get 5 lives when you log in, when those 5 are out, you get 1 every half an hour.  But you can ask friends for additional lives plus the game will ask other players on your behalf.  Well, since I hardly ever play it, I built up quite a few extra lives because I rarely go past the 5 they start you with.  Maybe if I ate more Taco Bell I could sit in there longer and play, who knows?  This morning, neither Cheri and I could log it in through Facebook (which is where you get your lives through).  I didn’t think anything of it, it’s happened before.  But this afternoon when I finally logged in, all of my 160+ lives I had saved up were gone.  Stupid game.  Not that I ever used them but I collected them all just the same.  Ok, this is more of a post to brag that I was closing in on 200 extra lives for all the addicted ones.  Like my wife, cousin and my aunt.  Which my wife would be the only one who reads the blog but still, I can pretend I’m rubbing it in their faces.

So on the way home from picking Samantha up from cross country, I get behind my mom just after she left work.  I pulled up behind her at the light, noticed her and the kids and I waved and got no reaction.  So I honked the horn a few times, nothing.  So when we got through the light, I stayed behind her because we were coming up on a construction site that takes everything down to 2 lanes.  I swerved back and forth (within my lane), nothing.  Part of the construction goes under a train track so while we were stuck in line under it, I angled towards the center line and kept flashing my lights at her, nothing.  So I followed her home and pulled up in her driveway and asked her “Do you ever use your rear view mirror?”  Her response “No.”  Well I guess at least she knows she doesn’t.  That also explains why she’s only been pulled over by the cops once in her life.  She just never sees them and they eventually get tired of following her and waiting for her to pull over.  I also know she doesn’t text and drive since she never responded to my text that said “Look behind you".

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