Thursday, August 22, 2013

T-shirt dilemma

2013-08-19 12.41.06

That’s a picture of my t-shirts in my closet.  Before you ask, no, I don’t color coordinate my clothes, that would be Cheri’s doing.  She complains that I don’t have much variety in what I wear.  There’s a bunch of colors in there, at least 6 of them.  Let’s break them down shall we.

  • White – 2 MS shirts, 2 Michigan shirts, Samantha’s all-star shirt, a White Sox one and a plain one.
  • Yellow (Maize) – 8 Michigan shirts.
  • Orange – 2 MS shirts
  • Blue (all shades) – 3 Colts, 2 Michigan, 3 plain (different shades) and an Adidas shirt.
  • Gray – 5 Michigan, 1 White Sox, 1 plain.
  • Black – 4 White Sox and a Buddha (rub the belly) shirt.

Or to break it down even more.

  • 17 Michigan shirts.
  • 6 White Sox shirts.
  • 5 plain shirts.
  • 4 MS shirts.
  • 3 Colts shirts
  • 3 “other” shirts.

Yeah, maybe she has a point.  This really doesn’t include everything either.  I have 2 different pair of PJ bottoms and t-shirts with them (Colts and a White Sox).  I have a bunch of hoodies for the winter, mostly Michigan ones.

Yeah, she definitely has a point.  I need to buy some more White Sox and Colts shirts to match my Michigan totals.

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  1. I don't generally wear T-shirts except for the ones I but while traveling as night shirts. My favorite is from Troy and has a picture of the Trojan Horse on it.