Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Randomness #17

Just a quick holla to let you know I posted another story on Yahoo (actually a week ago).  While my other posts were sports related, this one may help all you out.  I’ve done it for years and never thought to share the info.  I googled after I posted it and the information is out there but nobody told me, I figured it out on my own.  Click below to check it out.

How to Skip the Previews on a DVD - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com

If anything, click it, let it load, then close it.

The kids have met their teachers and seen their classrooms, they know where they are sitting and who else is in their class.  Now they just have to get on the bus and go to school, which they will be doing tomorrow morning.  They are both nervous, as am I, because this is a new school system for them.  We are really close to getting approved for a mortgage loan (we go back Thursday to find out if we are approved yet) and we are only looking for a house in 1 school district.  So we decided to go ahead and switch their schools now so it didn’t have to be done in the middle of the school year.  Now we just have to get the house.

Samantha seems ok with the switch, she knows more people than Trevor does at the school because they’ve been playing little league in this district for a few years, but since Samantha made the all-stars, she basically played on two teams this past year.  We only saw one of her team mates in her class but we saw a few more out in the halls.  Samantha is definitely more of the social butterfly than Trevor is.  Talk to her once and she’ll act like your best friends for life.  Trevor, he’s quite and is in his own little world.  He seems a little different because he isn’t the typical rambunctious boy, he does want to play with his lego’s or video games but he’s not a rude, loud or physical.  He’s quiet, helpful and sensitive so I worry more about him going to a new school.  He had friends at his old school but to watch him interact with his classmates, he didn’t seem to really fit in.  Plus he has told me he’s nervous about starting a new school and that just makes me even more nervous for him.

The good news is, before they were old enough to be in school, I always thought Trevor would struggle and Samantha would shine.  It’s actually been the opposite.  Samantha struggled some her first few years and Trevor has shined.  Samantha picked it up last year and had a good one so hopefully she’s coming around now.  But I’ll always worry about Trevor when it comes to his classmates.  I do have some worries about Samantha and her classmates as well, but not as many and totally different worries.


Track – Dream On

Artist – Aerosmith


I figured since I skipped my Music Mondays post yesterday (I was wore out) that I would at least give you a Track of the Day this evening.

If you would ask me what my favorite Aerosmith song is, this is it.  I don’t know why exactly and I like a lot of their songs but this one has always stuck out for me.  Maybe I remember it being released, I was less than a month old so maybe I associate it with cuddling in my mom’s arms.  Who knows?


  1. Thanks for that tip on avoiding DVD previews.

  2. Your kids sound exactly like my two grands that live with us! My little social butterfly and our 'nerd' boy. They will both be okay. Darian gets better the older he gets! Good luck on the house