Saturday, July 27, 2013

Facebook crap

Does anybody else use the personal lists on Facebook?  And by personal, I mean lists that you created, not the ones that they’ve created for you.  Mine are listed in the picture below, to the right.

2013-07-17 20.41.32

I have 4 lists but I only actually use 2 of them.

Family - I use the Family list which as you can probably guess, is all my family members.

Current Friends - I also use the Current Friends which is my current friends, but it also has more.  When I “like” a page and it’s something that I want to see what they post, I add it to that list as well.  Any of my classmates that I actually communicate with, I add them here as well.

Page Alerts - Let’s face it, we all “like” some pages but we don’t really care what it’s about.  Sometimes your supporting a friend, sometimes it’s humorous but it’s nothing you need to see again.  We’ve all “liked” band, tv, or movie pages because we liked them but we really don’t need to see the news associated with it.  I rarely check this one, as you can tell by the 547 unread posts.

Classmates – I approve anybody that graduated from my high school the same year as I did, way back in 1991.  There was over 500 graduates in my class so there were a lot of kids that I knew a little bit and some I didn’t know at all.  When I “friended” my wife, she was in this list that I never check.  But she commented on some stuff I posted and I moved her over to Current Friends.  Of course, now she’s in my Family list.  But I check this list the least, usually only when I’m online and I’m really bored.

As you can see, I never use my home feed which is the feed that comes up when you first log in to Facebook.  As a matter of fact, my bookmark for Facebook goes right to the Family list.  I loved this concept and I was using it before Facebook came up with their automatic lists.  But now, apparently because I made my own personal lists, I have to be punished.  Not only does it not show me everything that I have put in my lists, like it does the home feed, it only shows me what it wants to show me.  I put them in MY lists, why would I want YOU to decide what I see.  I set notifications for everybody that I want to see.  It gives me a crap load of notifications on some days but it’s the only way I can see who I want to see.

Now, on top of them controlling my lists.  Now I get these stupid ads.


They are all over the place and they are right in my list feeds.  Sometimes back to back, sometimes there will be only a post or 2 between them but they are all over.  I don’t play any games on Facebook to begin with so why would I care what my friends are playing.  Now if I went over to my home feed, there are none of these.  So like I said, they punish me for creating my own feeds.  I’m waiting for the Social Fixer app I use (which is also why my background is black) to come up with a way to get rid of these because it pisses me off.  I probably wouldn’t mind it if I was looking for games to play, but I don’t play any games so it’s just a hindrance.

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  1. I don't do much with my Facebook page. Just not that interested in it.