Monday, February 24, 2014

Randomness #22

One thing I have come to find out, is that on the weeks when I work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I rarely come up with new content for this blog.  I do get online on my 2 days off, but I’m usually in a blah mood and all I do is go through my Feedly (which I am way behind on).  Even my Tumblr blogs were neglected, except My Sports Obsession Tumblr because I had enough queued up to cover the week.  Now if you pay enough attention, you’ll notice I posted here on Monday and Tuesday but that would be because I had already typed them up the week before.  Maybe on my shorts weeks I should create enough to last me through next week as well but I don’t see that happening.

2 weeks ago, my wife noticed that my left ankle was swollen and after pressing on it and questioning me about pain, we thought maybe I was retaining some water.  A couple of days later, I was at work and a friend noticed that the left side of my face was swollen as well.  So I asked a couple of people and they all pointed out my left side so I sent a text to Cheri and she set me up with an appointment on Friday with our doctor.  The next day while I was at the doctor’s office, Cheri noticed that my left hand was swollen as well.  After talking with the doc, he set me up on a water pill for the next 10 days and scheduled me for an ultrasound and blood work.  The blood work was just to check organ functions and the ultrasound was to check my leg for a blood clot because I have a couple of relatives who get them all the time.  All of them were negative but let me tell you about those damn water pills.  The first day I took them, Samantha had a basketball tournament where she played at 9am and 10am and depending on their record, possibly at 11am.  So I pop the pill and we head to the gym, we get to the gym and I go pee.  Sam’s games are only 7 minute quarters and through that first game, I had to pee after every quarter.  It did finally taper off but I got rid of a lot of water that first day.  I actually took my last one today so I guess we’ll see if it comes back in the coming week.

(that’s not Trevor)

Last weekend, I get a text from theEx that says they took Trevor to Great Clips and they screwed up his hair, again.  Why they insist on taking him to get his hair cut is beyond me.  Cheri used to do hair for a living, she did it for years and she always takes care of the kids hair.  Our oldest daughter, who will be 19 in a couple of months, still comes home to have her mom cut her hair and brings friends and her boyfriend home to get hair cuts.  She still cuts Samantha’s hair but for some stupid reason, when they take the JackAss to get his hair cut, they cut Trevor’s hair.  He has a basic boys cut and yet, they’ve screwed it up twice now.  This time, he has very little hair left, he’s damn near bald.  What annoys me is she’ll pay for a haircut but not buy the kids clothes that fit.

For those that don’t know, I switched cell phone services.  Our contract was up at Verizon and we switched over to AT&T.  While I believe Verizon has the best service, it’s way too expensive with all the no contract plans out there.  We were going with a $40-50/month prepay service and then I saw the new commercial where you get up to 4 lines, unlimited talk and text and 10 GB to share for $160/month.  We only have 3 phones so it’s $145/month but we can add a 4th line for another $15.  Obviously, the unlimited talk and text is great, and the 10 GB is plenty.  Cheri and I use about 1.5 GB and Skyler will use between 4 and 5 GB’s so like I said, we have plenty.  The service isn’t nearly as good as Verizon’s was.  I struggle to get text’s in and out at work where with Verizon, that wasn’t an issue.  Both networks sucked as far as using data at work so no difference there.  Outside of work I haven’t had many issues but I have with one and I’m curious if other AT&T customers have this problem.  Cheri has called me multiple times at it doesn’t even show that she called on my phone.  I’m sitting at home, where I have service so it shouldn’t be a service issue.  Does anybody else have this problem?  With all the money we are saving (about $100/month) it’s not enough issues to make me upset.  Nobody really calls me anyways, it’s even rare for Cheri to call me because either I’m at work or we are together.

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