Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Week on ADITLOAN

It’s Sunday, time for a recap of what I post on my Tumblr page “A Day In The Life of a Nobody”.



the Hunger Games trilogy

Black Widow in Captain America: the Winter Soldier

Captain America: the Winter Soldier (Black Widow)

Jimmy Fallon

How I Met Your Mother

Orange is the New Black

How I Met Your Mother interview

Modern family

Luke, you’re my only hope

Star Wars

the Beatles

There is a lot of gif’s in this post, so if they don’t all show up and you want to see them, go to A Day In The Life Of A Nobody.


  1. In reading about the Beatles appearances on Sullivan (as well as the Stones and others) I am always reminded of an odd fact gathered while reading - if memory serves, and I hope it does - Lester Bangs. It's not likely to be mentioned in many places during this Beatles regurgitation time, so I am going to poison your mind with it since I don't expect to ever have another place to spout it. After these performances, the folks who cleaned the theater had an especially troubling time of it. It seems many of the screaming girls wet themselves (in one way or another, not discounting the throes of their first orgasms.) There; now it's in your head as well as mine.

    1. Gee, thanks for that. I think I could have gone without that fact but to be honest, it blows my mind (even today) that these girls get so involved emotionally with someone who sings well. I was at my daddy/daughter dance and when certain songs came on, the majority of the girls all screamed in excitement (One Direction, blah!). I can't imagine getting that emotionally involved in someone I don't even know. I mean, I love music and all but not so much that I pop a woody when certain songs come on, maybe if Beyonce was putting on a nude performance or something I would, or wood.