Sunday, February 9, 2014

500th post


Before I post my “This Week on ADITLOAN” post, I just wanted to give a shout out to all my million and millions of fans worldwide, not really, but the few followers I do have that check me out every so often. a big thanks to you for being there.  I know I’m tough to follow because I don’t really have a niche, I’m kind of all over the place but that’s who I am and it shows through this blog.  So thanks for sticking with me for the first 500 posts.  We’ll see if I make it another 500.

Let’s take a gander at my top posts in the first 500.

5.  My Kind of Humor #8 (3/14/13) – These posts are generally some of my more popular.  They are usually 10 pictures or toons that I find funny.  They are generally taken from my blog Facebook page.  (363 pageviews)

4.  Kids and Social Media (1/28/13) – My take on this issue.  It started with receiving a note from my kids school about some kids cyber bullying, in the 5th grade.  (364 pageviews)

3.  My Kind of Humor (7/22/12) – The original post in this series.  (888 pageviews)

2.  Not another Chick-Fil-A post (8/5/12) – This was during the whole Chick-Fil-A controversy, I didn’t really write much but I shared a video from our local news that featured my oldest daughters boyfriend, pretending to be gay. (3011 pageviews)

1,  Music, Work and Sexy Aliens (4/4/12) – I’m not really happy that this post is popular.  This was early on when I was still finding myself.  I found an article I liked on the furiousfanboys site so I posted it over here (I gave them credit) but in that post are pictures of some actresses who had played sexy aliens in TV and film.  So the reason this is so popular is because those pictures get Googled all the time.  I’ve actually thought of deleting the post but I never have. (6249 pageviews)

So out of my top 5 posts, only 1 post is my original content.  Gee, I’m so proud.  Hopefully I’ll do better the next 500.