Sunday, February 9, 2014

Daddy/Daughter Dance

As you may or may have remembered, Friday night was our Daddy/Daughter dance.  Thursday night we went out to get a dress for her and she was not looking forward to that.  She does not like to wear dresses.  She’s not really the girly girl type.  So we ended up picking up some nice dress slacks and a shirt for her instead.  I think she really thought I was going to make her wear a dress but I told if she didn’t want to, she didn’t have to as long as she understood that most of the girls would have them on.  She said she didn’t care so we picked out the outfit that we got for her.


Friday night, I left work early so I could come home and shower and shave.  Nobody wants to dance with a stinky father.  We arrived and picked up the corsage that I purchased for her.  Even though she wants to call it a croissant or krypton, she can’t remember the name, I’m just happy she knows what krypton is.  (yes, I quizzed her, she actually knew what it was.)  The person handing out the corsage’s made sure to give Samantha a red one (she’s an Ohio State fan and they are pushy and other words that I can’t say).

We ditched our coats and headed for the gym.  As I walked around the corner and saw that most of the lights were off and the music blaring, I thought “Oh hell, what did I get myself into.”  We walked in and the first thing they did was hand me a free bag of popcorn.  I could get into these dances.  I went and stood against the wall eating my popcorn and watched Samantha run off with her friends.  As I hid in the corner, I started taking in what was in front of me.  I noticed that the dance floor consisted of about 50 girls and 3 dads.  So I started to look around more and noticed that the majority of the fathers were standing around talking to each other.  I figured I probably didn’t look too bad then, hiding out in my corner, being a wallflower (that’s what my wife called me).  I sat back and kept an eye on Samantha, she was on the dance floor but for the most part was just chit chatting with a couple of her friends.  After a couple of songs, Samantha and her friends came over to drag me out on the floor.  She’s lucky I was done with my popcorn.  So I went out on the dance floor and got my groove on.  No, not really.  I just kind of stood there while Samantha danced and her other 2 friends stood with me.

Then it happened.  A slow song.  I don’t remember what it was, but it was a country song and I knew it a little but that’s not what really happened.  Once Samantha and I figured out how we were going to dance, we swayed back and forth and turned in a slow circle.  That’s right, I may not be able to dance to anything else, but I can slow dance.  So as we are slow dancing and chit chatting, I’m looking around and I noticed almost every father is on the dance floor now.  I chuckled to myself about it but the real hilarity ensued as soon as the slow song ended, all the fathers ran off the dance floor.  Except me of course, I walked off, and found a table to sit at.

I sat and watched Samantha as she got more and more relaxed and started dancing more and more.  I sat there and thought how much she was growing up and how she’ll probably start going to dances next year.  I watched her dancing and having fun and thought about our relationship and how much I’m enjoying it right now.  We talk, we joke around, we have a relationship where I’m not having to be on her ass all the time.  She’s growing up and I’m sure in a few years I’ll be complaining about how we no longer have a relationship and how she’s a teenage brat so I plan on enjoying this time as long as I can.

But back to the dance, I was sitting at the table, watching her and then a certain song came on and Samantha wanted nothing to do with it.  She ran up to me and said we can get in line to take the picture now, I hate this song.  What song was it?

Yep, sounds good to me.  We bolted for the cafeteria and stood in line, for about half an hour.  The line was moving slow enough that if a song came on and the girls wanted to dance, I let her go back into the gym for it then come back.  We got up through the line and took the picture (it’s being sent to me, I’ll post it when I get it).  We headed back to the gym just as another slow song came on so we got on the dance floor, carved out a little room for ourselves and danced together.  As soon as the song came on, I knew I was going to enjoy this.  I asked Sam if she knew what it was and it sounded familiar but she wasn’t sure what it was.

We talked again, and I told her about the song, what it was about.  I was listening to the lyrics while we talked and I teared up a little bit so I changed the subject.  Can’t be crying in front of all the fathers, it might ruin my rep.  Eventually the song ended and all the fathers ran off again.  Samantha asked me to stay out and dance even though it was faster songs so I did.  I had decided before I even got to the dance that it was her night and I would dance any time she asked.  So I danced the last 2 songs with her while she made fun of my dancing.  We left after the last song and headed home.  Samantha was wired the whole evening and was talking non-stop.

I definitely don’t regret going.  I was a little nervous about going but I’m definitely glad we did.  I know she had a good time and I know I had a great time.  I hope it’s a memory of me that she keeps for awhile.  I know it’s something that I never will forget.


Before the dance.


  1. Your daughter is really cute, and she looks happy! I'd say you are doing fine, and I guarantee the both of you will remember that night...and probably laugh about it years from now.

  2. That is awesome!! She looks really cute in her slacks and you look happy together!

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  4. Thanks for sharing this. These are the memories that sustain all parents.