Monday, February 10, 2014

Crappy Week

So I’ve been having a crappy week with a few sprinkles of good things.  Since this is my blog, I’m going to bitch about it here.  Sorry about your luck.

We went to see if we can get approved for a house, again.  Last time we went, in October of last year, my credit score was 7 points shy of being approved (but up 100 points from the year before).  All we were doing was waiting for it to go up, there wasn’t anything we could do to make it go up faster.  We go in, he pulls up our credit, and mine is back under 600, WTF?  3 things showed up that weren’t there before but the worse part was all it had was an amount and an account number.  No business name, no contact information, nothing but a string of numbers.  So we have no way of contacting them to find out what it is.  The banker is contacting the credit bureaus to find out if they have any information.  The odd part is, the report says they’ve been reporting since July of last year.  I still have a copy of mine from October and they aren’t listed on it so I’m really hoping it’s some kind of mistake.

Not my car.

Friday morning when I was leaving for work, I backed into a car in our parking lot.  I did quite a bit of damage to my car, not much to theirs (I think).  After I hit it, I left to go to work without leaving a note.  I recognized the car as one I see in the lot all the time so I figured I’d leave a note next time I seen it.  I didn’t feel it would be to polite to go banging on doors at 6:30 in the morning to figure out who the owner was.  The problem was, I didn’t see the car when I came home from work that evening, or when I left or came back from the dance.  No problem, I figured it will be out there Saturday morning when I go to work.  Nope, but there was a note on my car saying he was going to talk to me today.  It read like a threat but whatever.  I came home Saturday afternoon, still no car.  They kept up to their word and showed up at my door Saturday night.  I invited them in, gave them the note that I had written to put on their car and explained everything.  I told them if I was trying to get away with something, I wouldn’t be still parking in the same lot, it’s obvious it was me with the damage to the car.  I told them I’ve been looking for it and couldn’t find it.  They were cool with it once they realized I wasn’t trying to be a dick.  The note I gave him had the insurance info as well as my home number and the guy even extended his hand to me when he was leaving.  The whole thing stressed me out Friday and Saturday because you never know about people, I though I might come out to slashed tires or something before I talked to them.  Made me regret just not running back into the apartment and grabbing a pen and paper and leaving a note then but I just wanted to get to work on time.  Obviously, Friday night was awesome, so that’s one of the positives


I left work early on Saturday to go to Samantha’s basketball game.  The game was good, she’s getting better.  I just have to block out theEx and the JackAss shouting at her during the game.  You know those kinds of parents, that are telling kids what to do, even though they have no idea how to play the game.  These kids are still learning to play, they don’t need the parents yelling “shoot the ball” or “pass the ball” at them.

I stopped at Verizon on the way home to find out how much to cancel my daughters contract.  Both of ours ended a few days ago and we are going to switch to a pay as you go service since you can get unlimited everything for $50 (or lower) a phone and right now we are paying $260/month for 3 smartphones.  It’s $220 to buy out her contract or pay $80-$100 a month until December.  Doing up the math, it’s cheaper to buy her out.  Which I just feel is going to be a hassle to actually get it done, but it saves us a fortune.  Now we just have to figure out who we are going to get service through.

2014-02-10 18.34.09

I woke up Sunday morning to my alarm for work.  I use an alarm app on my phone and it starts real low and gradually gets louder until you shut it off.  I got up to shut it off and accidently hit the stupid ad right below the snooze button so while the alarm is going off, I’m trying to clear off the ad.  Now when my phone is on the charger (as it is all night long) it screws with the phone and it takes a few minutes to recover.  By screwing with it, it’s like a ghost is touching my phone and certain spots, I’ll touch the pad on the bottom left and an app on the top right will start.  If I try to text using the swipe, it puts all kinds of words that are nowhere near what I typed.  Back to the story, I’m trying to shut the ad window while the alarm keeps getting louder.  I hit the home page and it’s slow to go back to the home screen.  I put my finger over the speaker to dull the now loud alarm and I have to click the app icon before I can hit the snooze button and with each push it takes forever for it to do something.  I finally get the stupid thing off and continue on with my day.

All day at work my phone was screwy, taking forever to do things.  I shut off my data while I’m at work because my reception sucks and it just drains the crap out of my battery.  I swear Verizon knows my contract is up and they are just screwing with my phone just so I have to go get a new one.  Joke’s on them since I’m dumping their asses anyways but I planned on keeping my phone.

Sunday night, the kids come home and they always tell me about their weekend at their moms.  They went to a movie which I’m sure was nice but they complained about having to do all the housework and shoveling that they always complain about.  They are there 2 days a week and have to do the majority of the housework and on top of that, when they are there, the JackAss makes them shovel.  He even did that when it was -40° out earlier in the year.  I’m used to that, and I’m used to them having to sleep on the couches because they have no heat in their rooms.  What pissed me off this weekend was apparently the JackAss was sick, and he threw up in a bucket.  Instead of waking up theEx in the middle of the night, he wakes up Trevor and makes him take the bucket outside so of course, Trevor was complaining about lack of sleep.

They have both told me that they don’t want to go over there if their mom is not there.  I told them that if they only wanted to go over every other weekend that I could do that but they like seeing their mom and I don’t want to take that time away.  I just wish the douchebag wasn’t there.

A minor exaggeration

This morning, I wake up and start the car.  If you remember way back at the beginning of this year that my car wouldn’t start.  I don’t remember if I ever told you what the issue is but it’s a sensor of some kind.  My choices are, pay $280 for the part (just the part) or sit in my car and warm it up with my foot barely on the gas pedal for about 5 minutes.  Once it warms up, I can take my foot off the pedal and it stays on.  If I take my foot off before it’s ready, then it stalls but that’s cheaper than $280 so that’s what I do.  So back to this morning, I warm up the car and we head out to the bus stop.  We usually sit in the car and wait for the bus so it’s nice and toasty, but for some reason, my car was pumping out cold air while we sat there.  So on top of all the other car issues, now it’s not keeping warm when I’m idling.  Once I got out on the road again, it was warm again.  I’m just hoping it was a one time thing and it will be fine tomorrow.  Let’s hope so because it’s been a pretty crappy week already and I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse.  I am expecting a phone call tomorrow that will hopefully lead to a good change in my life.

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