Saturday, March 1, 2014


Another month down, it’s March 1st.  For those of you who were around at the beginning of the year, you know how much I love stats and that I keep track of certain things throughout the year.  Last year I kept these stats

  • How many times I ate out.
  • Where I ate out at.
  • Books I’ve read.
  • Totals pages in the books I’ve read.
  • How many blog posts on each blog.
  • How many words on this blog.

When I posted by Year in Review, I had a blast figuring it all out so I started to think of other things to keep track of.  So now I keep a bunch of stats and on the 1st, I update the Google Doc.  Actually, I updated it just after midnight (this morning) and I thought, I could do one of those posts every month.  Don’t worry, I won’t.  I have to bore you once a year with the Year in Review, I don’t need to do it monthly.  I did decide that I would tell you everything that I’m keeping track of now though.

  • How many times I eat out.
  • Where I eat out at.
  • How many times I eat at home
  • How many times I eat at other peoples houses.
  • Books I’m reading.
  • Totals pages in the books I’m reading
  • How many blog posts on each blog, including Tumblrs.
  • How many words on this blog.
  • How many emails I read on my Yahoo, Gmail and AOL (yes, I still use it.)
  • How many status’, personal photos and other posts on my personal Facebook.
  • How many posts on Instagram.
  • How many incoming and outgoing minutes I use on my phone.
  • How many things I pin on Pinterest.
  • How many texts I read and send, divided into personal and alerts.
  • How many tweets I send out on all 3 Twitter accounts.
  • How many times I get retweeted and favorited on all 3 Twitter accounts.
  • How many tracks I listened to on Spotify.
  • How many new movies (to me) I watch, divided into DVD’s, on TV and at the theaters.
  • How many full sporting events I watch, live or on TV.  So far baseball, basketball, football and hockey.
  • How many cards and how much I paid for them off of Ebay.
  • Starting today, I’ll be keeping track of public places I go (via Foursquare).

I know what you’re thinking, why in the hell is he keeping all that?  Because I can and I apparently have nothing better to do.  I keep it all on a Google Doc and I update some daily, others I update on 1st of the month.

  • Daily – Eating in and out.  Emails read.  Tracks on Spotify.  Movies and Sports.  Ebay purchases.  I’ll probably do the public places stuff daily as well.
  • Monthly – All the blog stuff.  Facebook.  Instagram.  Phone stuff (texts and calls).  Pinterest.  Twitter stuff.
  • Whenever I get around to it – Words on this blog.

I grab the monthly stats usually for the blogs themselves or I keep track of my total posts and subtract what it was last month to give me this months.  The keeping track of words all I do is load up past blog posts on my Windows Live Writer (where I type out each blog) and it has a word count at the bottom.  I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t.  I spent less than an hour last night counting up all the monthly stuff.

I know none of this is all that exciting but there it is.  Wouldn’t you like to know some of this stuff at the end of the year?  Is there anything else I should keep track of?

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